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How to Play Anarchy Online

Here's a guide on the rather deep character creation process of Anarchy Online!

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In order to follow this guide you will need to download Anarchy Online. Please click the green button below.

Anarchy Online comes from a different age where character creation and your race actually matters. But how much does it affect? Take a look at this guide to find out how to get started!

1. Breeds

Breeds are incredibly important - these are races in other games, but all breeds are human in this game.

The choice of a breed effects several things in game, as well as just the physical appearance of your character. The first thing it influences is your base abilities, some breeds favor certain base abilities like Strength or Agility; on the other hand, those same advantages come with abilities that are disfavored.

There are no significant differences until you hit the endgame, where some breeds will be noticeably better at some things than others. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a breed that compliments the desired profession (or classes) skills - we'll cover this in the profession section.

The second thing that breed has an effect on is the amount of health and nano pool (similar to mana in other games) a character gets for each point invested in the skills for these pools (body development, and nano pool respectively).

Here are the breeds:

  • Solitus are a direct descendant of humanity and are balanced in all of their basic abilities, their health and nano pools recieve equal improvements per skill point.
  • Opifex have been bred for stealth and speed, as such they favor Agility and Sense but disfavor Strength and Stamina. They also recieve equal health and nano pool.
  • Nanomages were created as Nanotech research assistants and as such they favor Intelligence, Psychic, and gain more nanopool per skill point because of their greater command of nanobots. They are more frail though, and do not favor abilities like Strength, Stamina, Agility, they also recieve less health per skill point. Nanomages are considered harder to play at high levels due to their lower health, but they are also able to cast their nano programs (equivalent to spells) at lower levels as, their nano abilities cost less and they possess more nanopool.
  • Atrox were specially created as mine workers and are sexless (though most identify as male). They are large hulking beings that favor Strength and Stamina over Intelligence, Psychic, and Sense. Also, Atrox are much heartier and recieve greater health per skill point, but less Nanopool. Atrox can be easier to play for beginners because of their high health but suffer as casting professions.

2. Professions

The choice of a profession is very important in character creation because it determines what skills will be supported by your character and what your list of abilities (nano programs) will be, such as heals, damage dealing and tanking, as well as support skills such as buffs, teleports, summons and crowd control.

Here is a list of professions and a recommendation for their roles:

  • If you are interested in playing a character that is Damage Dealer you might want to try an Adventurer, an Engineer, a Keeper, a Martial Artist, a Soldier or a Shade.
  • If you are looking for a Caster you should try a Doctor, Trader, Nano Technician, or Bureaucrat.
  • Professions with Pets are: Engineers, Meta-Physicists, and Bureaucrats.
  • If you want a character that requires more Strategy you might consider an Agent, a Fixer, a Trader, or a Shade.
  • If you want to play Solo you should try an Engineer, Keeper, Martial Artist or Adventurer.
  • If you want to be a team player or a Support profession Doctors, Traders, Agents, Bureaucrats, and Engineers are good choices.
  • If you wish to play a Tank class, try an Enforcer, Adventurer or Keeper (As an offtank).
  • If you like to make things than you want a Tradeskill profession which are mainly Engineers and Traders.

And that's it - you're done with creating your character! Now you can start playing the game.