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How to Play BalanCity

A guide to how to play the awesome game that is Balancity.

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In order to follow this guide you will need to download BalanCity. Please click the green button below.

BalanCity is a really fun and addictive game and if you haven’t played it yet then you should, like right now!

Today in this guide I’ll try to give you some help when playing Balancity so first off let’s start with the general objective of the game and that is to build a city as high as possible but remember your city is being balanced on a rather precarious seesaw (or teeter-totter) style base which means if you put too much weight on one side your whole city and all its poor inhabitants will come tumbling down.

Of course the game is a lot of fun however you play but if you want to be successful then you need to think about the physics so when you first start out you want to think about symmetry making sure you weight each side of the ground equally.

As you build keep an eye out for random fires in buildings, to control these you need to click on the helicopter and then click again on the area with the fire and the helicopter will go and deal with it.

Now at times you will be given architecture that will not fit with perfect symmetry such as the power stations, fire houses and if you can build a city over 200 meters you will need to also try to fit in an airport!

So when you start the best thing to do is place equivalent houses or offices on each side of the platform and then when you need to place the power station close to the center of the platform this is a good tactic because the power stations are heavier than most of the other buildings.

You must also bear in mind that you will need to continue adding power stations as you build higher and as you do things get more precarious!

If your buildings at the very edge are a little loose you may survive if a few of them topple off as long as you have built a strong base from the center of the platform but be careful if things start falling it normally spells the end of your city.

If you do manage to build your city high enough to get an airport then you must be very careful as the planes will start flying around and can knock your city over also, they also seem to have a habit of flying in to the control tower knocking it over causing a domino effect for the rest of your city.

So to summarize the best things to do is build symmetrically at the edges of the platform, try to keep your heavier buildings such as power stations and town halls near to the center of the platform as it is best to keep heavier buildings there, oh and also don’t forget to fit in trees and green bits where you can, you still have a duty to your townspeople of course!   

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