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Cheat Engine 5.3

Download Cheat Engine 5.3

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Changes on Cheat Engine 5.3

    • Made multiple bytes selectable in the hexview
    • Save userdefined symbols added by the user, to the table
    • Added ctrl+A key to select all text in the auto assembler
    • Added recalculate base address in structure definer (only for level1)
    • Added scroll support to main cheat list
    • Added plugin dll's to several sections (for those that are too lame to send me a dll to add to the ce package)
    • Added a special window for pasting cheat entries which includes easy modifying the offset and description
    • Added information popup when a scan finds more than the max ammount of addresses the first time
    • Added edit hotkey (ctrl+e) using the same window as paste
    • Implemented use of kernel VirtualAllocEx
    • Integrated pointer scan in main
    • Rewrote pointerscan, it's faster and more accurate now
    • Increased speed of next scan routines
    • implemented a lower level openprocess instead of calling ZwOpenProcess
    • Added search for assembler option
    • Added symbol handling including kernel symbols
    • Added scan option: "Same as first scan"
    • Added exact value hotkey scans
    • Added a driverlist
    • Added step 7 to the tutorial: code injection
    • Added step 8 to the tutorial: advanced pointers
    • Added quti messages on the tutorial
    • Added ability to set symbol searchpath
    • Added 3 new functions to the auto assembler: define, loadbinary and include
    • Driver now uses a driver.dat file to configure itself (no problem if it's missing though)



  • Fixed the known "array of byte" scan bugs
  • Fixed changed/unchanged+fastscan+4 byte+hyperscan not filtering right
  • Fixed enable/disable cheat menu item enabling/disabling all
  • Fixed "change element" in structure definer and bytesize of strings
  • Fixed window title for the api hook template
  • Fixed copy/paste bug
  • Fixed newscan turning of the hex checkbox without converting
  • Fixed the change record menu item
  • Fixed next scan exact value for double scans
  • Fixed fs: not showing up for some disassembler instructions
  • Fixed paste bug in 2nd between textfield
  • Fixed "je" (and probable other familiars as well) when the positive jump is bigger than 0x7f (should then do a long jump, not short jump)
  • Fixed hotkey set value not always working.
  • Fixed bug where 2 byte entries don't support increase and decrease allowed freezing.
  • Fixed string freezing bug
  • Fixed freezing addresses showing up as normal when hexadecimal was set

Release Date: 2007-04-06

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