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"Capture and harness the essence of mobs to create spawners that you can control."

Conjuring Specifications

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Conjuring Review

Minecraft is a game with limitless potential. While people constantly push the boundaries with mods adding more and more gameplay features to the point where it can straight up turn into a strategy game or just flat out be a very functional MMORPG. However, there is a ton of things that can be done with vanilla Minecraft to this day. In fact, new things are still being added to Minecraft to this day. One of them is Conjuring, a mod that lets you create your own mob spawners.

Installing Conjuring is simple. Make sure you have Minecraft Forge installed, then navigate to your mods folder and drag it in.

This mod requires you to utilize the enchiridion, which details everything you can do with the mod. There's a lot of steps involved in creating a spawner. You need to create a soulfire forge, create blackstone pedestals and a soul funnel, then lure a mob over the soul funnel. Did I mention that this is simply the first of many rituals that you can learn from the book? Then, you can modify the parameters of each mob spawned afterwards.

If that sounds like a ton of steps, that's because it is. In fact, despite the enchiridion detailing every step you can't shake the feeling that it's incredibly convoluted to its detriment. It should be hard, but it could be hard in a more creative way rather than just simply throwing a ridiculous amount of steps at you.

Conjuring is a mod that gives you a lot more options in gameplay.


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