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Meatly's Storage World


"A game from the creator of Bendy, taking a satirical swipe at all the cliches of the mascot horror genre while still managing to be creepy itself."

Meatly's Storage World Specifications

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Meatly's Storage World Review

Low-budget indie games tend to be some of the most creative around, assuming they aren't just flipping assets poorly in Unity. Without the budget to dazzle the audience with beautiful graphics, they instead need to focus on something else to stand out. These restrictions can lead to some very creative premises. Let's look at Meatly's Storage World.

To install Meatly's Storage World, simply unzip the files inside the archive into any folder you want.

The premise of the game is simple. It's trying to make fun of the entire mascot horror genre, and the creator, being one of them, means that he is intimately familiar with all the dumb tropes the genre has.

For starters, there is the unnecessarily loud and heavy footsteps that your character has. This game has turned them up to 11 and your footsteps are now comically loud and sound like they're coming from a 500 pound person.

Another trope that he's made fun of is how exposition notes are never logical. They always sound like the writer dumping a bunch of information on you rather than a human being that actually existed in-universe. So this game has completely thrown away any kind of believability and just has notes spammed around the map that just talk about how many secrets there are to find here and how creepy everything is.

Despite taking the piss out of the genre, though, the game still manages to be genuinely creepy in its own right. However, it's definitely not focused on the spooks.

All in all, Meatly's Storage World is an incredibly unique game that everybody should check out.


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