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SCP: Secret Laboratory


"A multiplayer take on SCP: Containment Breach."

SCP: Secret Laboratory Specifications

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SCP: Secret Laboratory Review

SCP: Containment Breach was an incredibly popular horror game, based around the most popular SCPs in the popular SCP Foundation works. Playing as a vulnerable human amongst incredibly unique monsters while also avoiding the ruthless Foundation personnel was entrancing. So of course, somebody created a multiplayer version of it - SCP: Secret Laboratory.

To install SCP: Secret Laboratory, make sure you have Steam installed. Once that's done, go to this link to install the game.

There are many different roles in this game. D-Class Personnel is the Containment Breach experience, where you have to avoid pretty much everybody except the Chaos Insurgency. Foundation Scientists can't really defend themselves, but have access cards and skills to stay alive. They also have the option to cooperate with D-Class Personnel temporarily. The Nine-Tailed Fox Units are the heavily armed spec-ops unit that are here to contain all SCPs and execute D-Class Personnel. The Foundation Security are much like the Nine-Tailed Fox Units, just weaker. The Chaos Insurgency are to purge the facility of all Foundation personnel, save D-class personnel, and grab any assets that you're told to. And lastly, you can play as the SCPs.

The SCPs are the most interesting role to play as each SCP have their own rules. You can play as SCP-173, where you can move incredibly fast and Oneshot anybody you attack, but if anyone sees you, you'll freeze. You can also play as SCP-079, which can jump between every camera in the facility at will and control doors, trapping the humans in for your fellow SCPs. 

SCP: Secret Laboratory is an incredibly interesting and fun game, and any fan of the setting or just horror games in general should give this game a look.


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SCP: Secret Laboratory Tutorials and Guides

SCP: Secret Laboratory Guide

SCP: Secret Laboratory Guide

A quick overview on all the factions and their playstyles.

SCP: Secret Laboratory has a ton of replay value due to its many roles, making each game unique. Here's a quick lookover at each factions and their goals. 1. The Class-D Personnel Class-D personnel make up the ...

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