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SCP - Security Containment Breach


"A creepy horror survival game that is full of jump scares."

SCP - Security Containment Breach Specifications

DOWNLOADFree (175.43 MB)
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Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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SCP - Security Containment Breach is Good!
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SCP - Security Containment Breach Review

Did you like Five Nights at Freddie’s? Do you like to run around dark corridors trying not to wet yourself out of fear? Do you like it when a monster pops out of nowhere and makes you scream with fright and fear as your heart jumps up in to your throat? If you answered yes to these questions you may be clinically insane, but you also will love SCP-Security Containment Breach!

You play as D-9341 a prison inmate who has been sentenced to death or is serving a long sentence and has agreed to work in the SCP facility in exchange for your freedom.

Of course not long after the game starts things start to go awry and one of the SCP’s escapes its cell, and rather like the old kids game grandma’s footsteps the SCP will not move if you look at it however turn your back or close your eyes you might be in big trouble!

There is a rather unique mechanic in the game as in you have to at times blink, you can do this by pressing the space bar and make sure to do it at as often as you can to save your character needing to close his eyes for longer but be very careful when and where you choose to blink as when your eyes are shut the SCP will move towards you with the intention to attack.

As you progress through the game you will discover different types of SCP’s some may even be helpful but mostly they are murderous so you must try to remain calm and focused….if you can.

There is also something very clever in the game as to the rooms being randomly generated so the layout can change each time that you play.

SCP-Security Containment Breach doesn’t have the most innovative graphics but for fear factor alone it out does many other games in the horror genre so if jump scares are your thing you can download it here for free, if you dare!


Safe free download - Tested Virus and Malware Free

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