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Slender Anxiety


"A tense horror game that really could give you Slender Anxiety."

Slender Anxiety Specifications

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Slender Anxiety Review

You are walking alone in the woods late at night, with only the light from your video camera to help you see your way, for some unknown reason you must try to find 8 notes that have been left,  

Slender anxiety is very pretty but as it is so dim it’s hard to actually see the detail that has gone in this game, it’s also very hard to maintain your bearings and you can seem to find yourself walking endlessly in circles (or perhaps that’s just me).

Sadly the notes didn’t seem to have anything written on them as I was hoping to some clues as to what had happened out here, at one point you come across an abandoned police car and news van which may mean you have stumbled across some sort of mass murder sight and now even the reporters and police have fallen victim to whoever is behind these heinous crimes, well we have a pretty good idea who is behind it as his name is in the title.

It’s can be a tense experience walking through the darkened woods hoping not to be caught by Slender Man and at times your heart will race especially if you hear the creepy music that starts to play when you he is nearby, this really can give you Slender Anxiety.

it would be nice if there was a little more depth to this game as it shows a lot of promise, but there is not much story line to go along with it, the game in itself is fun and scary for a while, but it can become very frustrating when you die and have to find your way around the barely lit surroundings.

When I first started playing this my first thought was like this is like The Blair Witch project video game, lost alone in the woods with a video camera it would just be great if it was easier to see, not so much as to take away from the creepy atmosphere but at least to be clear enough to know when you are retreading old ground.

The game still is in it’s first phases and it has a lot of potential to be an incredibly scary and involving game but a bit more clarity and direction is needed first.


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