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Slender: The Eight Pages


"Slender is an impressive free horror game with a great athmosphere."

Slender: The Eight Pages Specifications

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Slender: The Eight Pages Review

Slender Man is one of the modern myths, the equivalent of the boogie man or Bigfoot. While there are a ton of creepy monster stories online, the Slender Man has completely taken off in popularity because of the immaculately produced series Marble Hornets and it is now one of the most recognizable names on the internet. Even if people don't know it in detail, they'd probably have heard the name. With that fame came a ton of different media, and one of them is this game. You can try it out right here and download Slender for free.

Slender: The Eight Pages is one of these puzzle games which, even it was made without a big budget or latest generation graphics, manage to get you addicted and make you get really scared many times. Its plot is very simple: you appear in a forest at night with a flashlight as your only companion. The goal is very clear: you have to collect 8 pages. You have to do this while navigating through the dark forest only being able to see what your flashlight shows you - everything around it is completely dark. It gives the forest a ton of atmosphere that will set you on edge, making the Slender Man all that more terrifying when he does show up. If you took this atmosphere away, the game honestly wouldn't be that terrifying at all - just a simply forest dotted with some cool landmarks here and there.

Starting the Slender Man game, the world appears in front of our eyes in a completely random form, each next level will never be the same as the previous one; You will have to be searching for the pages in different levels but being very careful with the man with no face, Slender Man, a sinister character that will kill us if we look straight at his face. The more pages we have, the less time we will be able to stand his inexpressive “look”, he will appear and disappear all of a sudden when we expect him the least, what puts more tension in the search for the pages in various dark scenarios. If you want to give it a shot, then you should download Slender for free.

The pages are laid out in a variety of areas that will force you into tense situations. For example, one of the places that a page is likely stored away in is a very claustrophobic bathroom area. Every single corner you turn can have Slender Man standing right there, staring right down at you. Another area will have you navigating a maze of logs where, once again, Slender Man can appear anywhere at any point. Sometimes, though, Slender Man can simply pop up behind you. You can be hiding behind a truck, looking out for him, when your screen will suddenly start getting covered in static. You'll turn it around and he'll be standing right there. This is a very unique experience, so you should try it out with this Slenderman game download.

Slender the eight pages

Slender Man game controls are very basic: WASD for walking, the mouse for moving, left shift for running, right mouse button for switching on/off the flashlight, the left one for collecting the pages and the Q and E buttons for zooming in/out the view. You'll notice that there are no controls for firing a weapon or anything like that - that's because you don't have anything like that. Your only defense is your speed and ingenuity.

With absolutely no doubt Slender: The Eight Pages is a well-made entertaining game that will scare the hell out of us. It is a must game in the computer of each and every psychological horror game fan. It's also the progenitor of a ton of different Slender Man games - almost every game based on the character takes its main gameplay loop from this game. The best part of it all is that it is absolutely free. You can give it a shot right here with this Slenderman game download


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