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SCP: Secret Laboratory Guide

A quick overview on all the factions and their playstyles.

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In order to follow this guide you will need to download SCP: Secret Laboratory. Please click the green button below.

SCP: Secret Laboratory has a ton of replay value due to its many roles, making each game unique. Here's a quick lookover at each factions and their goals.

1. The Class-D Personnel

Class-D personnel make up the majority of the round start population. They spawn in the furthermost room in the facility from the entrance, and are often not far from SCP-173's spawn location. The objective of Class-D's is to escape the site, a monumental task considering the poor start of Class-D personnel.

The best strategy for Class-D personnel is to quickly fan out and attempt to locate Keycards within the light zone. Best case scenario you may locate a high-level keycard that can let you leave the zone right away. Otherwise, if you find no keycard, or a card with insufficient access to leave the zone, you should attempt to locate SCP-914 and upgrade your card, or hide near an exit and hope someone opens it and you can sneak through.

Early game threats are other Researchers and SCP-173. Rarely, a Researcher may get access to a firearm, though most of the time Researchers will cooperate with Class-D's to act as a meat shield for their survival. SCP-173 is the main threat early game as it spawns in the LCZ, but can be avoided with some skill.

With some luck, you could attempt to access the LCZ armory. If successful you'll gain access to an array of effective guns to defend yourself with, mostly against MTF units. However failure is more likely as the longer you are in the LCZ, the more likely more SCPs will enter to find you.

Escaping the LCZ will lead to the Heavy Containment Zone. Dark, expansive, dangerous. Odds are you'll run into SCP-106 or SCP-049 before you even get to the HCZ, both of whom are more than able to quickly dispatch you. However, the smart Class-D may be able to locate a few hidden Assault Rifles within the HCZ that can help in fending off threats, or even prototype guns.

Once you reach the Entrance zone your main threat are rogue SCPs and MTF forces combing the area. If you manage to reach the surface, you win! But it's definitely a struggle to get there.

2. The Researchers

Researchers are similar to Class-D's however they start better equipped with a keycard and can be expected to be rescued by incoming MTF troops or guards.

The round start access to a Keycard can facilitate quicker access to areas of the zone and can allow you to start upgrading your card faster to escape.

Use the Class-D's as god intended, meatshields to throw at runaway SCPs.

Otherwise, act akin to a Class-D that is escaping. The only difference is the MTF and guards are on your side.

3. The MTF

The Mobile Task Force is responsible for securing the site and getting the situation back under control. Their primary objectives are to contain or destroy any escaping SCP's, terminate all Class-D personnel, and any assaulting Chaos Insurgency forces. Their secondary objective is to rescue any surviving science personnel.

While a round is in progress there is a 65% chance that every 4.4 to 5.8 minutes that a new reinforcement MTF squad will deploy, drawing from all spectating players, these squad deployments will be announced over the site intercom system automatically.

Extra note, any Scientist that evacuates will instantly respawn as a 'MTF Scientist'. An MTF Scientist is identical to a Lieutenant except they spawn with a Medikit.

You need to rescue the scientists ASAP and secure all the SCPs.

4. The Chaos Insurgency

The main strategy for CI forces is surprise. If hostile forces are expecting you then they can prepare in advance, but rushing a squad of unaware MTF with Logicars will usually result in your victory.

Threat wise, MTF forces will typically have the advantage in combat as their weapons deal more damage, have better range and are far more accuracte than yours, as well as them having inbuilt night vision. But if you can close the gap your Logicar will quickly dispatch a MTF.

SCP's are a dangrous issue to deal with, your strategy's to deal with SCPs are akin to how MTF will deal with them as noted in the above section.

Do note that you can 'win' the round without having to kill any of the active SCPs. So long as all the Researchers and MTF are dead, and all the Class-D's are evacuated, you'll end the round.

5. The SCPs

Your objective as an SCP is simple. Work together and utilize your unique abilities to kill everything in sight. 

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