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How to Use Method Dungeon Tools

Learn how to use Method Dungeon Tools.

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In order to follow this guide you will need to download Method Dungeon Tools. Please click the green button below.

Method Dungeon Tools is one of the most useful tools for any Mythic dungeon runner. If you want to pick it up, head right on over to this link to get it yourself. Now, let's get into what exactly makes Method Dungeon Tools so good.

1. How to start planning out your dungeon strategies

The main feature of this Addon is to be able to plan out a path through a dungeon and figure out how to get the perfect enemy count. Now, the most basic way of using is is to simply click on every enemy you see in the Addon until you hit 100%. However, that's the most basic function of it, used to do the absolute lightest planning possible. You can also separate each of the enemies into different groups of pulls.

Each pull will quickly pop up on the right side of the screen. You can drag and drop each group of pulls to indicate where you're going to start and stop pulling. This is the most basic method of planning out a solid dungeon route. After you're done, simply click share, and anybody else with this Addon will see a link to it and will be able to see what you've come up with. You can also go online to wago.io to import somebody else's route, and import it into your game.

2. Getting more in-depth

You can also mark up your route. You can draw whatever you want, such as arrow keys and boxes to indicate exactly what you want to do without necessarily using words.  There are a variety of tools - there are also line tools and also change all the colors to make it more readable. You can also drop notes to tell people exactly what you want to do - for example, telling people to use a certain skill at certain point, and to take a certain route while using that skill.

One of the best features from this Addon is the ability to see the statistics of each monsters. You can hover over certain exclamation marks and it will tell you something to watch out for during that pull. For example, Devouring Maggot is a mechanic worth noting, as it can quickly get out of hand - you can read up about it with some automatic exclamation marks. It will also assign a point value to each enemy so you can get a good sense of their strength, and you can even right click on a certain enemy and look at the tooltips of their skills directly so you know exactly what mechanics go into a certain fight.

You'll also need to change the affixes of the dungeon, as that will change a whole ton of things about the dungeon. However, you can also click on the warning sign on the side to automatically change to the week that the game is currently on. You can also scale the mob's health by using the Dungeon level slider as well, but be warned that the tooltip numbers won't scale up with the Dungeon level.

3. Other Addons and tools

This Addon is incredibly important in the endgame community, and there are a ton of Addons that rely on it as well as a base. If you're an avid endgame player, you'll definitely want to have this. Addons like WeakAura rely on the data that comes from this Addon to function properly, for example, and certain websites that help calculate certain things in dungeons also have Method Dungeon Tool as a base for convenience. And at the very worst, you can just use this to tell people where to run!

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