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  7. The Best Garry’s Mod Gamemodes: Prop Hunt, The Tower, TTT and much more!

The Best Garry’s Mod Gamemodes: Prop Hunt, The Tower, TTT and much more!

The Best Garry’s Mod Gamemodes: Prop Hunt, The Tower, TTT and much more!

In a previous article we spoke to you about Garry’s Mod, the physics based experiment lab/sandbox based on Valve’s Source Engine. We spoke about the best GMod mods you can install, for example. For this article, we’re talking about Garry’s Mod Gamemodes, which offer different playstyle opportunities if you wish to shake things up a bit from the usual physics experiments.

Top Garry’s Mod Gamemodes

The following are some of the best and most popular GMod Gamemodes you can find online. All of these are completely free and only require you the mod installed. You can find a GMod Free download here.

Prop Hunt 

Prop Hunt is perhaps the most popular of all gamemodes of Gmod. This is a cat & mouse scenario with two teams: Hunters (cats), whose sole purpose is to find and kill all the Props (mice). At the start of each match, the hunters are blinded and can’t move for 30 seconds, giving the other team time to look for a place to hide and transform. That’s their special ability, they can disguise as stage props. The game ends when the hunters have destroyed all props.

There are a couple of ways to know if the prop in front of you is a person. First you can’t pick it up, so interacting with all of them is perhaps the safest alternative. Your other method, and this is quite risky, is shooting at all props. It’s risky because you lose health when you shoot a regular prop. Hunters start with an assortment of tools and weapons and 100 health, but they lose 5 every time they hit a real prop.

This GMod Gamemode is so popular it actually became an official Team Fortress 2 gamemode.

Prop hunt gamemode (Garrys Mod)

The Tower

The Tower is a massive beast. It’s perhaps the most ambitious of all gamemodes of Gmod. First, it’s a multiplayer gamemode. At its core is the lobby, a central hub where players can interact and form groups. From there they can enter one of the many minigames available. There can be up to 90 concurrent players on a given game.

The minigames themselves come from a variety of genres and gameplay styles. For example, there’s Ball Race, in which your characters are trapped in giant spheres and must race each other to collect all bananas and solve puzzles. Virus is a deathmatch with a twist. At the start one player is chosen as the infected and his goal is to spread the disease by touching other players. Players need to run around, avoiding the infected or trying to kill them, but becoming infected themselves if touched. Source Karts lets you play a Mario Kart clone using the Source Engine. In this minigame you race around insane and gravity-defying tracks, collecting powerups and using them against your opponents, to delay or get them out of the race entirely. Aim for first place and take everyone else out!

This gamemode began its life with the Source Engine but recently the creators have announced their intentions of migrating it beyond the confines of GMod using the Unreal Engine.

The Tower gamemode (Garrys Mod)

Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT)

Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT) presents an interesting scenario. You have three teams: Innocents, Traitors and Detectives. Innocent make up most of the population, followed by Traitors and finally Detectives. The Traitor’s goal is to kill all the innocents, but there’s a catch and that is the Traitors look like Innocents until the Detectives reveal them, which they need to do as finding and stopping the traitors is their goal.

It’s a difficult scenario to play, as it’s the Garry’s Mod equivalent of poker. You need to bluff your way into a group of innocents and take them out from inside if you’re a traitor, or make sure you find enough evidence to reveal them if you’re a Detective. Everyone but the innocents can purchase weapons from the traders in the stage, though Innocents can pick up gear from the floor.

This Gmod gamemode has become extremely popular and it requires careful thinking as a Traitor. Innocents tend to group together, making it difficult for the traitors to act without giving themselves up, but putting all targets in the same spot if he decides to make his move.

Trouble in terrorist town gamemode (Garry's Mod)

The Flood

The Flood is a survival race and death-match. Players fight each other over deadly water while standing in boats made out of props. The winner of this Garry’s Mod gamemode is the last man standing.

Players can kill each other as normal but they can also destroy the props, though it’s a double-edged sword strategy. If all the players start targeting the boats, soon there won’t be any left and everyone will lose. Strategic thinking is necessary to make it through the fighting, knowing when it’s best to shoot to kill or shoot to drown.

The flood gamemode (Garrys Mod)


ReDead is the obligatory Zombie invasion gamemode every game seems to have these days. Only this one takes it to another level, heavily inspired by titles such as Killing Floor and the Source Engine zombie shooter, Left 4 Dead.

Players choose one out of several classes with special abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Matches come in waves and players must survive against highly intelligent zombies. The waves get progressively harder. At the end of each, they can use their hard-earned points as money and purchase weapons and ammo from the traders.

But beware because the zombies can obtain powerups and special abilities just like you. And not only do you need to kill the horde but you need to keep an eye out on your status or you might die from poisoning, bleeding or even becoming one of the infected yourself.

In essence it’s very much a Garry’s Mod Gamemode version of Killing Floor, but with Half-Life weaponry and the soundtrack, which is always awesome. Give it a shot if you’re interested.

Re-dead gamemode (Garrys Mod)

So that’s our top list of Garry’s Mod Gamemodes. What do you think, did we miss one? Is there a gamemode you know about that you feel we should’ve mentioned? Tell us all about it in the comments and don’t forget to come back for more right here on Rocky Bytes.


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