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  7. Winning in Yandere Simulator: Tactics and Tips

Winning in Yandere Simulator: Tactics and Tips

Winning in Yandere Simulator: Tactics and Tips

Yandere Simulator is a very particular type of game. If you’ve played Lucius, then you understand the genre perfectly: you are a character with an outward appearance or illusion of goodness but are in truth completely depraved and deranged. Your goal is to kill as many people as possible while still maintaining that façade of purity. What makes Yandere Simulator unique though is its link to anime, where the Yandere character was born.

For those who don’t know, a Yandere is someone who’s crazy in love about another person, violently so. She’ll see everything in the path to their beloved as an obstacle to be removed.

Yandere Simulator puts you in the shoes of one such character, a young girl pining for her Senpai (her upperclassman). She’s popular and well thought of, with teachers and other students praising her kindness and manners. But they don’t know how horrible she really is. And if you pay attention and follow these steps, they will never know! You can see a Yandere Simulator explanation in this video we made:

How to win in Yandere Simulator? Follow these tips and tactics!

The goal of these tips is to make sure you never reach a Dark Atmosphere. Atmospheres in Yandere Simulator determine how everyone behaves and how strict and dangerous the game is. A darker atmosphere means everyone is paranoid and alert and will be highly suspicious of others and will detect any Yandere behaviour. It makes winning at Yandere Simulator nigh impossible. So you need to keep the atmosphere light.

Keep Up Appearances

Remember, while you may be a psychotic stalker, the rest of the world thinks you’re a sweet and caring young girl, so you must do your best to keep them convinced of this, so they don’t ever suspect you, at least not until it’s too late to do anything about it. Make sure to each day compliment someone, making them feel good about themselves, but don’t do it too often though, or they might realise it’s just an act you put on to hide your true personality.

But it’s not just the caring for others bit. You have to make sure no one sees you doing your deeds. Hide the bodies, do the cleanup and make sure no one’s there to discover the body or you covered in their blood. It’s important to make sure no one ever suspects you. This is the surest way to your Senpai’s heart and surviving and winning Yandere Simulator.

Winning in yandere simulator

If they do catch you, make sure you apologise profusely, it’ll lessen the reputation loss you suffer. And reputation is paramount to keeping up appearances, making others follow your suggestions and of course, winning Yandere Simulator.

Be devious

You don’t have to get your hands dirty every time, you know, you can think outside the box. Being bloody and vengeful is well and good but soon they’ll catch you. So why not whip up some nice poisons in the chemistry lab and spike their food? After all, if they’ve left their bento boxes unattended, it’s almost as if they’re asking for it, right? And beyond the poison, you can always manipulate your rivals into making fools of themselves in front of Senpai and getting rejected.

Then, once they’re down, you can emotionally kick them a few times and drive them to suicide. You don’t even need to get your hands dirty, just let them do all the work for you. How you play Yandere Simulator is up to you.

Use your goody persona to the max. Engage with students and improve how they view you, raising your overall reputation. That way you can get them to do things for you. You can use them to spread horrible rumours about your rivals or even set them on a grim task against your opponents. After all, if they’re really your friends, as they claim to be, then surely they have no problem doing a tiny illegal thing for you, right?

Yandere Simulator compliment someone

A few of these mechanics still haven’t been implemented so you can’t add them to your how to win Yandere Simulator strategy guide just yet, but it’s good to know what’s coming!


Sanity is extremely important. Yes, you’re psychotic, we’ve established that, and you want nothing but to violently (or manipulatively) dispose of your rivals for Senpai’s affection, but never forget why you’re doing all of this. Don’t forget you great love and be sure to approach him every once in a while to keep yourself sane and focused on your glorious task. It’s all for your happy ending!

Yandere simulator tactics: senpai


Not everyone is fooled by your charming act. Info-Chan, for example, knows who and what you are perfectly well, she just doesn’t care. She’s your main information and favour contact. And you need her help as she has a hand in every pie in the school and knows exactly what’s going on with every member of the student body. But, she won’t do it for free. She wants and desperately needs you to take photos of other girls’ panties. So go out and use your camera to capture the underwear to trade for favours. But be careful, you can get in a world of trouble if they discover you taking those sleazy photos.

Panty Shots

The previous are some of the tactics, tips and recommendations for how to win Yandere Simulator. As the game continues its development and they implement more and more systems, this guide will grow and reflect the new tips and strategies available. But the above recommendations should be enough to get you going!

As always, don’t forget to come back for more fun game news, here at Rocky Bytes, and if you want to give the game a shot and take a chance at winning Yandere Simulator, you can find it here to download the last Yandere Simulator version!

Have you played Yandere Simulator? Are you a master at it? If you are or you’ve just figured out an interesting strategy to advance the game, then why not share it with us in the comments below. You can help us all become better murderers in the race for Senpai’s affection! Don’t let any of your rivals take him from you and punish them should they even try!


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