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Pokemon Sage

"A Pokemon fangame with some of the most beautiful art in all of Pokemon."

Pokemon Sage Specifications

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Pokemon Sage Review

Pokemon has always been one of the most beloved franchises in the world, even nearly two decades running. However, many fans can agree that the main entries of the video games have been getting a little...stale. It's felt like they've found the perfect golden formula and stuck with it for over a dozen years. Many have noticed that even a golden formula can get old after a while. However, the fan community always tries to fix perceived flaws on their own with fan games. Pokemon Sage is one of these games.

To play Pokemon Sage, simply unzip it and run the executable.

The game is incredibly unfinished at the moment, with there only being three obtainable badges at the moment. However, it compensates with being incredibly high quality even comparing it to the mainline Pokemon games. It also has 229 original Pokemon designed, but there are only 104 Pokemon that are obtainable by them.

The story is also distinct and well written enough to not feel like a fanfiction. This game takes story beats from the official Pokemon games and puts their own twists on it, which are all good enough to stand on their own. For instance, your rival will pick a Pokemon strong against yours, but it will get stolen and the thief will become your second rival while your initial rival has to make do with the last starter that's weak to yours. It was a genuinely lovable twist.

Overall, Pokemon Sage pays homage to its parent series and adds plenty of its own to give it its own unique identity. Give it a shot if you've been getting a little tired of the Pokemon formula.


Safe free download - Tested Virus and Malware Free

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