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How to Play Ravenfield

How to play Ravenfield

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In order to follow this guide you will need to download Ravenfield. Please click the green button below.

How to play Ravenfield

Before we get in to this guide here is a warning, I am not very good at this game as much fun as it is I get killed very quickly very often however here we will try to give you a few tips to survive a bit longer and maybe a few hints for parts or things that you weren’t aware you could do.

The objective of the game is to beat the other team by 200 points which you can do by capturing the opponent’s team’s flags and killing enemies.

If you haven’t had the time to look at the controls let’s go through the basics first it’s your usual W,A,S,D for the movement, to fire your weapon is left click on the mouse and to zoom in or scope is the right click on the mouse. Now something that can be a bit confusing with Ravenfield is if it’s possible to drive (or fly) the vehicles or if that is only for the AI but yes it is possible to control them vehicles to enter a vehicle you must look at using the camera control by pointing your mouse in that direction and then press F the movement controls in a ground vehicle are the same as on foot but be wary if you get in to a tank everything is back to front and the tanks are not slow so if you jump in and think you’re going forwards you may find yourself reversing in to the sea!

The helicopter controls are a little different use W and S for the throttle and A and D for the rudder to control the direction and the mouse vertical and mouse horizontal for pitch and roll respectively.

One more trick you may not be aware of is if you press caps lock you put the game in to super slow motion or shift and caps lock for regular slow motion.

Ok a few tips on how to be successful at Ravenfield when on foot try to keep cover, be aware of your surroundings as enemies can pop up from all sides and keep a keen ear out for any approaching vehicles and take cover until you know whether it’s an ally or a foe, also be careful when walking on the roads as you could even be run over by your own team mates vehicles!

If using the sniper style rifle try to keep your distance from as your weapons range will be longer than most of your opponents unless they are snipers too, keep an eye on your health and one control not already mentioned is use the R key to reload your gun.

You can take a boat and use it to circle the outside of the island and therefore sneak upon enemy flags and capture them but remember if you’re going alone it’s likely you will end up outnumbered by enemies.

Try out a few different weapons to see which one will suit your style of play the best.

And that’s about it for the tips, we hope this guide has been useful and enjoy playing Ravenfield.

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