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Risk II


"A video game based on the popular, classic board game."

Risk II Specifications

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Risk II Review

The official computer and online version of the classic board game, Risk II is the second installment of the series of Risk video games for the computer which is directly based off of the popular board game. The video game was developed by Deep Red Games (now known as DR Studios) and published by Hasbro Interactive based in 2000. In Risk II, there have been substantial graphical and sound improvements made to the game from the last release. 

In this second installment of the Risk video game series, this version introduced new modes to be played in the game. This includes a single player tournament and a brand new concept called "Same Time Risk", which players take turns at the same time rather than one at a time. In this game, up to eight individual players can play in any combination or computer and human players in which will all go up against one another in the game. 

There are three game types in Risk 2: Classic Risk, Same Time Risk, and Tournament.

In classic, you play with the standard rules that you have come to know from the board game, which is one attack move at a time from one location. You can attack as many times as you like, may move through multiple territories with one army, but only one unit has to be left in any territory you capture. 

In Same Time, a very different concept of the game in which a player may use two or more armies from one or more territories to attack any bordering territory. This mode would not be possible in the board game and is made just for the computer version of the game which allows you to make and plan individual moves at the same time. 

Lastly, there is Tournament, which includes both the Classic and Same Time rules, but there are sixteen rounds of increasing difficulty and you are scored after every round. If, in any of these rounds, you are killed off, your session with in the tournament ends. The goal in tournament is to gain as many points as possible and more than your opponents. 

Risk II also included Online Play, which used the MSN Gaming Zone free online service, however no longer supports Risk II as of January 31, 2006.


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