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tkCNC Editor


"A great CNC code editor for any CNC programmer or operator."

tkCNC Editor Specifications

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Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
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tkCNC Editor Review

tkCNC Editor is a text editing application for CNC code, also known as “G-Code,” editing for CNC machines. The editor strives to be the best CNC code editing application on the market and it is making a big argument with the plethora of features that it offers, some of which are completely unique to this application alone. CNC programmers and operators use the application for fast editing and verification of CNC code. Several of the tkCNC Editor features go a long way to make sure that code editing can be fast, efficient, and as simple as possible. Although anything can be improved, this latest update to version 2.0 brings along so hefty new features, much needed updates, and bug fixes to make this application even better than it was before.

One of the main features that will always stand out the most is Syntax Highlighting. It doesn’t matter what language you are developing in, if an application does not include Syntax Highlighting on board by default or  at least offer an addon to get Syntax Highlighting installed, it will be deemed near worthless. With hundreds, thousands, millions, and sometimes billions of lines of code to write, Syntax Highlighting is one of the most necessary features to have in any programming application, because people would go crazy trying to find a bug in code that is all black. tkCNC Editor includes G-code Syntax Highlighing. This allows CNC programmers and operators to work faster and smarter. It allows them to quickly locate a bug and make the necessary fix(s).

Another feature that works wonders for a CNC programmer or operator that tkCNC provides is the Find and Replace function. With the Find/Replace function, programmers can quickly and easily find pieces of code and change them as they see best fit. tkCNC includeds special features for CNC code searching that also help with the speed and efficiency of the Find/Replace function.

We are all human, we make mistakes. You shouldn’t be punished by your text editing application for making a mistake. No matter how far down you get in writing your code, you should always be able to go back and undo and fix your mistakes. It’s already bad enough that you’ve made a mistake, and then to be punished by it… With tkCNC you don’t have to worry about that. Multiple Undo/Redo enables you to be as mistake free as you possibly can.

Contrary to the belief of few, there are other languages besides English in this world. Do you speak German, French, and/or Croatian? If so, you’re in luck as the tkCNC interface is available in all of those languages with support for more languages expected in the near future, possibly the next update. tkCNC Editor includes all of the standard functions of a normal text editor including, but not limited to, cut, copy, and paste; but it is so much more. You can only appreciate it for what it really is once you try it out yourself. So if you’re looking for a great, reliable CNC programming application, go ahead and give the tkCNC Editor a try because it rocks here!


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