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"Completely replace Windows Notepad with Akelpad!"

AkelPad Specifications

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Windows 95 / Windows Me / Windows 2000 / Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 2000 Server / Windows Server 2003 / Windows Server 2008 / Windows Server 2012 / Windows 10
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AkelPad Review

Everybody knows what Notepad is, right? Next to Microsoft Word, it has to be one of the most used programs around. It's just so useful for what it's designed to do - taking simple uncluttered notes. That simple thing is, thankfully, one of the most useful things for our day to day lives. What most people don't know is that there are a ton of programs out there that aim specifically to improve on that simple little program. AkelPad is one of them. Give it a try here with this Akelpad download for free.

AkelPad aims to bridge the gap between Notepad and Notepad++. Notepad is incredibly simple and can't do much other than inserting text, while Notepad++ has a ton of functionalities that could potentially overwhelm a new user. This program aims to be in between those too - having some of the features of Notepad++ while retaining the accessibility of Notepad. 

There are also a couple of features that it sports to make things even easier to use. Just like you'd expect, many of these features are lifted straight from Notepad++. You can activate a read-only mode to prevent accidental text deletion, to give yourself some peace of mind if you just finished coding something intense and don't ever want to chance an accidental keystroke somewhere destroying the whole thing. You can also set it to wrap words, making it so the text you type out properly loops instead of going off-screen as you continue typing. You can also make sure it stays on top of all other program windows so you can alt tab to certain references while not losing focus. You can also show or hide the status bar on the bottom so you have more room to work with in the main windows. I actually don't recommend doing this, however, because knowing what the current line and column number is can be incredibly useful, especially if you choose to use this to code. When you click on random word from the text, the tool will also automatically highlight the line, making it easy to pick out. If any of this sounds like something you need, you should definitely use this Akelpad download for free.

There's also a ton of different customization options. You can pick from a large library of fonts as well as being able to change their font style and size. There is also an option to generally change the theme of the window, which lets you change from it looking like its usual self, and emulating Notepad++'s look instead. If you want, you can also manually create your own color scheme by altering the text and the background color for the various elements on the screen, such as the selection, active line, active line border, active column, column marker, caret, and hyperlink.

The only things left to go over is the ability to simply drag and drop documents into it, and much like Notepad++, there are also a ton of different plugins that the community has created to give it a ton of functions that other text editors wouldn't have. It's still being updated to this very day.

It really drives home how much it's meant to be a replacement in the installation, where it gives you an option to edit the registry so all programs linked to Notepad will instead be linked to AkelPad. This will go away should you choose to uninstall it in the future, so don't worry. Booting it up will have you notice that it looks almost exactly like Notepad, but with the ability to open multiple tabs and view your document from four different windows at once. It also, like Notepad++, comes with the support of multiple plugins, although they're not as diverse or robust as the ones its more complex older brother has. Still, AkelPad does its job well and is easy to recommend. If any of that sounds interesting to you, then you should definitely give it a try right here with this Akelpad download for free.


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