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How to Install Mozilla Firefox

Confused on how to install Firefox? Read this guide!

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Mozilla Firefox is Great!
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In order to follow this guide you will need to download Mozilla Firefox. Please click the green button below.

Installing Firefox is quick and easy. With only a couple of simple steps, you can have Firefox up and running quickly!

1: Download the file.

Head on over to http://rockybytes.com/firefox-browser and simply click the giant download button! If our link isn't working for whatever reason, you can also head on over to https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/ instead to download it at their official website. Once you've downloaded the executable file, simply double click it either in your browser's built-in download manager or your download folder. This will run the installer.

2: Wait.

As soon as you execute it, this window will pop up.

That's... it. You don't even need to select a location to install it - Firefox does it automatically. It automatically goes into your home drive.

3: Import your settings from other browsers

Once it's finished installing, it will automatically prompt you to set Firefox as your default browser. If you're like me and downloaded it simply to do a few things that Chrome doesn't support, you can tell it to zip it and never tell you to set it as default after you decline the first time.

Another thing Firefox will ask you is whether or not you want to import your cookies and other preferences from your default browser.  I recommend you do this regardless of whether or not you're planning to use Firefox regularly - it will significantly streamline the few times you do use it.

And that's it for installing Firefox! It's much easier and intuitive than most programs. Just download and set up your settings!

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