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Kerbal Space Program

"Build your own space ship and warp it into orbit in Kerbal Space Program!"

Kerbal Space Program Specifications

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Kerbal Space Program Review

It was a dream of one of the developers of the company Squad, the developing company of Kerbal Space Program - a space ship simulator in which a race of small green humanoids build a space ship plan that you visualize and lay out for them. And then, the best part happens: you get to try to fly it into space. What is so fun about this game, though, is that so much can go wrong. The space ship can fall apart, it might explode, it might not even get off the ground, or it might not start up - they are true to their word when they say it is a simulation, and it is a goofy one at that. 

Kerbal Space Program Demo

The game was built using the Unity engine, and was released earlier this year (2015 at the time of this article) in April. Right off the bat the game got a ton of praise and got super hyped by critics trying out the game everywhere. The YouTube and Twitch gaming communities were playing this game non-stop for a few weeks since, when the game released, it was the only game of its kind and it still remains to be at this moment. With such as unique, simple, yet incredibly challenging concept - you can expect hours upon hours upon hours of gameplay attempting to make different kinds of rockets and space planes that you can launch into orbit. 

Kerbal Space Program Download

The game, Kerbal Space Program, is named as such because the little creatures that have built the space port and are building your space ships are called Kerbals. You are actually making these ships on their planet, called Kerbin, which is very much like Earth in just about every visual and physical (referring to gravity) way. This game can be incredibly difficult for new people trying out the game since it takes quite a bit of practice getting the hang of the game and getting to the point of building space ships that actually lift off and fly into space without failing, exploding, or falling apart. But, after a little bit of play time you will get the hang of it and start building rockets and space planes that go way up into space without any issue. What is a simulation game if there wasn't a good challenge behind it?

Play Kerbal Space Program

Playing KSP is very funny as you can see in our Kerbal Space Program Gameplay where you can learn how to build a rocket and launch it to the moon!

You can just build or do a set of missions while you play the game. The missions are set up like contracts in the game, in which you are contracted to build a certain kind of space craft which can range from very simple to extremely challenging machines. The contracts are also not just about building space craft, but even flying the space craft to one of the 13 different planets in the game, capturing asteroids, creating space stations, or even space bases. When you download, you will be able to play Kerbal Space Program in a limited state, but you will get a pretty good idea of how in depth the game can get when you get the hang of it. 

Kerbal Space Program Free Download

With several game modes to play and a ton of contracts to complete, you will find yourself become addicted to this Kerbal Space Program game in pretty much no time at all. Download Kerbal Space Program by clicking on the download link above!

Kerbal Space Program Awards

Recommended Game

Award Received: 2015-07-01 00:44:13


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Kerbal Space Program Tutorials and Guides

How to Play Kerbal Space Program

How to Play Kerbal Space Program

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Kerbal Space Program in Other Languages

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