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  7. Garry's Mod Infographic: The Best Addons for Garry's Mod

Garry's Mod Infographic: The Best Addons for Garry's Mod

Garry's Mod Infographic: The Best Addons for Garry's Mod

Garry’s Mod is a sandbox physics game, a modification from the popular Half-Life 2. The game was developed by Garry Newman and released on December 24, 2004.

On Rocky Bytes, we have created this infographic with the best Garry’s Mod add-ons you can find in the game, only highly recommended ones!

Enjoy this Garry's Mod infographic

Garry's Mod infographic: Best Addons

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Add-ons are an essential part of Garry’s Mod. There is a great variety of them available, mainly created by players and game fans who would like it to have some functions which are currently unavailable. Everything can be added: maps, objects, weapons, vehicles, famous characters (real or fictional)…All of them can be acquired for free in the Steam workshop.


In Garry’s Mod you can find all types of weapons: from lightsabers which burn everything they touch to frying pans to strongly hit the head of whoever you don’t appreciate. Some of the guns are actually very dangerous, like the atomic bomb that destroys everything around it and has a great range of action. For an even more realistic approach, it leaves a certain level of radiation once the explosion is over. If we are magicians and put spells on our enemies that will harm them badly. Let’s take a look at some Gmod add-ons:

1) Spartan kicks: Whoever the victim of this attack is, he will die instantly and in slow motion (which is quite a cool way to die). Such an epic assault.

2) Atomic bomb: It causes such a big explosion that we will need to throw the missile from very far away to avoid hurting ourselves, even if we are flying.

3) Combat drone: A really special and manageable drone that includes machine guns and rockets.

4) Spiderman cobweb: This gun emulates the cobweb of this famous superhero and allows us to climb anywhere extra fast.

5) Lightsabers: missing Star Wars? Well this Garry’s Mod add-on will do for now. Get it and get rid of all our enemies!

6) Ranged spells: With just one hand you will be able to beat everything that stands in your way. Try alternating the two buttons of your mouse for different abilities!

7) Portal pistol: Yes, you heard it right! The Portal Pistol is available in Garry’s Mod and allows us to create portals wherever we want.


Maps are the main element of the game. It is inside them that we can find different game modes and connect with other players online. The Garry’s Mod maps add an element of playability to the game since they cover a great range of scenarios: from Minecraft maps to other planets that can be discovered on board of spaceships. There is also specialized maps to demonstrate specific characteristics of the game, like its physics system and detonations. Here’s a list of the best Garry’s Mod maps:

1) Spaceship: a map which shows perfectly the vehicle itself and allows us to activate certain functions of it.

2) Hogwarts: The most famous fictional school of all times: walk its long halls and towers!

3) Ice hockey: Do you dare to play in a match? The floor is extremely slippery and it is really tricky to stand still…

4) Planets: In this incredible map we can explore several planets with its settings and secrets, you need to get a spaceship to move in space (obviously haha).

5) Moon base: In this map we can walk around the whole base and discover its functions, we can also walk on the moon!

6) Paradisiacal island: Blue waters and a tropical atmosphere, this map recreates a life by the beach. It is not real life but...half of a loaf is better than no bread.

7) Physics sample: try to make the house explode using grenades, missiles and be ready to get your mind (and house) blown!

8) Smash bros: This is one of the essential Garry’s Mod maps: remember where all those famous characters used to play? Such good memories!

9) Minecraft: Believe it or not, Minecraft’s maps in Garry’s Mod are really precise: doors, chests, passages, and even the Nether!

Game modes

Game modes are the base of Garry’s Mod multiplayer: you can either connect to an online server or download the map and game mode you decide and invite other players to join your game to play in a private. There are so many game modes in Gmod that it would be impossible to name all of them, but those which are trendy lately are the find and destroy, some race modes with shots, the cinema mode or the very well-known Prop Hunt, in which the player becomes an object and tries to hide and avoid being identified by the members of the opposite team. Another of the most successful modes is Murder. None of the previous ones can compare to the one and only, the best of the best: DarkRP. It simulates real life and all the players take the role they are told to. Here’s a list of highly recommended Gmod add-ons:

1) Race Track: Get in your car or motorbike and win the race using weapons and utilities that will appear on the circuit. Racing had never been so fun!

2) Parkour: if you enjoy this discipline you can’t miss it! The character acquires abilities to climb wherever he wants and jump obstacles by just looking at them!

3) Cinema: It is a multiplayer mode to get inside the servers and select the movie you want to watch in the theatre with the rest of the players. The selected movie must be a YouTube video.

4) Prop Hunt: there are two teams, you are either a person or an object 8depending in which team you’re in) and you will need to find the objects who are actually users or hide from the ones who are looking for you. Prop Hunt is one of the most successful Garry’s Mod add-ons.

5) DarkRP: It simulates life in a real city, with different types of people each of whom play a specific role. The player can earn money, buy cars to move around the city, make friends with connections and even fight a zombie invasion!


It’s important to be careful when dealing with Garry’s Mod mobs, because some of them can kill you instantly. They can be enemies or not, and we can either experiment with them or leave them as atrezzo for our personalized map of the game. We can even have Terminator in any of the teams! Let’s take a look at the best Gmod add-ons for this category:

1) The Dragon: It will attack anything that moves either cornering them as it flies or fire-breathing.

2) Terminator: It can be our ally or our enemy.

3) The Real Dragon: It is so realistic it is scary, and it can turn against you.

4) Five Nights at Freddy’s: One of the characters that we will find in the popular horror game.


In Garry’s Mod we can find a great range of both playing and non-playing characters, all of them based in famous games, TV shows, movies…and also related to the gaming world. Some of the characters will be able to move and some won’t (like the toys) but we can put them in the position we want to. All the Gmod characters are really well crafted, and there is also a great variety of add-ons that can be added to the game.

1) Steve: He’s Minecraft’s protagonist. We can take him wherever we go and he will just follow us.

2) Luigi: He’s a toy in Gmod, and we can shape him as we wish to great detail.

3) Sonic: The fastest blue hedgehog ever is alone in the game and it appears as a non-playing character.

4) Goat Simulator: It is one of the games that has caused more fuss and can currently it can be found on Steam. Put the goat in the position you prefer and personalize its tongue! It’s one of the best add-ons from Garry’s Mod


Some of the most interesting downloads from Garry’s Mod are the ones concerning transport and vehicles. All of them can be used to run around or the beat the crap out of monsters. Garry’s mod vehicles can also be combined with maps created especially for them, like circuit maps. Some models are really impressive, we can find from water cars to giant helicopters and planes. Let’s take a look at them:

1) Dodge Viper: Extremely well crafted, this white car simulates accurately enough the real one and can be driven inside the game.

2) Ferrari F14T: This one is the last Ferrari Fernando Alonso drove, we can even see all the sponsors on it and can also be used!

3) Luxury boat: It has been designed to go through deep seas or show off near the shore, it is the perfect size for a little (or not so little) party with some friends!

4) U.S Air Force: We can be the pilots of this emblematic giant plane! We need to press “R” to warm up the reactors and we can control its direction pressing “W” and moving the mouse. Ain’t this one of the best vehicle add-ons of Gmod?

5) Helicopter 18081: The rest of the team can handle the weapons while you drive this immense old crock.

6) Water launch: Incredibly fast and manageable, ideal to try out some acrobatics!

That would be the end of our Garry’s Mod infographic about the best add-ons for Garry’s Mod. Which is your favorite one? Do you think we missed any important ones?

Don’t forget to share it if you liked it! :)

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