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  7. Yandere Simulator Easter Eggs, Tricks and Secrets!

Yandere Simulator Easter Eggs, Tricks and Secrets!

Yandere Simulator Easter Eggs, Tricks and Secrets!

The world of Yandere Simulator isn’t fully realised yet. The game is still in development even if you can find builds of it to play. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t cool Easter Eggs in Yandere Simulator and nods to find.

In Yandere Simulator, you play as a psychotic schoolgirl completely obsessed with another classmate and willing to go to any length to keep her rivals away from him. Murder and manipulation are your primary tools, but you must dispose of you opponents while still keeping that façade of innocence that marks a Yandere character. If you still don't know how to play this game, we recommend you that read our How to play Yandere Simulator Tutorial

Anime plays the primary inspiration for the game, thus there are quite a few anime-centric or even Japanese-focused secrets and trivia. Let’s take a look at some of Yandere Simulator’s secrets.

Yandere Simulator Easter Eggs list

1) Ghost Girl

This is an interesting one. If you take a photo on the 3rd world bathroom, a girl’s ghost will show up on the photo, and no matter where you aim, it will be looking at you. It’s one of the coolest and creepiest Yandere Simulator tricks and secrets.

Ghost Girl Yandere Simulator

2) Yandere Simulator Hidden Modes

You can change Yandere-chan’s clothing and attitude, and the game modes, with a press of a button. Do note that many of these don’t go away unless you restart the game, and they can cause you to lose the game by making it too hard. But they’re a pretty cool Yandere Simulator secret to find! Here are a few of them:

- Shingeki no Yandere

This mode turns all students into Titan’s, like those found in the anime Attack on Titan. Thankfully, they don’t hunger for human flesh as their counterparts do, but they will strip completely naked. It will also change the colour pattern in Yandere’s uniform to match the colours of the soldiers from the series.

Attack on titan easter egg Yandere Simulator

- Slenderman Mode

It wouldn’t be the internet without a creepypasta or urban legend reference and Slenderman is of course there to play. This mode turns Yandere’s sanity to the minimum and makes all characters recognise you as evil. This Yandere Simulator trick turns your uniform black and your skin chalk white and if Senpai even gazes at you, he’ll flee and you’ll lose the game.

Slenderman mode easter egg Yandere Simulator

- Nuclear

What would Yandere look like if she was a character in Metal Gear Solid? Well, this is the trick that lets you give her a tattered scarf and uniform, an eyepatch and a scar over her eye. It also changes the background music of the game. It doesn’t have any other mechanical effect, but it looks cool!

Metal Gear Solid Yandere Simulator hidden mode

- Hateful

Based on the deeply disturbing visual novel Hatred, this mode is much like the Slenderman mode in that it turns sanity to the minimum level, but it also makes the atmosphere as dark as possible, making everyone paranoid. Yandere’s uniform goes gray and black for this one.

Hatred Mode Yandere Simulator Secrets

3) The Psycho Menu

This is one of my favourite Yandere Simulator Easter Eggs. If you stay on the main menu for a few minutes without pressing anything, the screen will shift to show you the game’s darker side, with blood and squirming bodies!

So what do you think? Any cool Yandere Simulator Easter Eggs for you to find? Be sure to come back for more, right here on Rocky Bytes.


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