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  7. Which will be Yandere Simulator's ending?

Which will be Yandere Simulator's ending?

Which will be Yandere Simulator's ending?

By now you should know that Yandere Simulator is big here on Rocky Bytes. We like it and it’s become one of our favourite games to play on PC. Millions of YouTube commentators agree with us as it’s proven quite popular with them. So far we’ve covered the basics of the game and how to play Yandere Simulator, mods, Easter Eggs as well as a strategy guide on how to get away with murder and keep everyone believing you’re a nice little girl who pines for her senpai. As of now, Yandere Simulator is still in development and as such a lot of the features you’d expect to see in the game aren’t there yet. One of them is multiple endings. So what is Yandere Simulator’s ending?

Yandere Simulator Endings

Possible Ending 1: Heartbroken

It’s the “Heartbroken” one, in which Senpai falls for another girl and not Yandere-chan. As of now, no matter what you do, how many rivals you kill or how much a professional assassin you are, it’s impossible for you to win the game, though the developer states he wants to add multiple endings for the final release.

So how does the Heartbroken Yandere Simulator ending work? There is an NPC called Osana Najimi, literally meaning Childhood Friend, as in your Senpai’s friend. On Friday in the game’s world, she’ll pluck up the courage and confess to him and the two will be happily ever after, leaving Yandere-chan completely heartbroken.

You must think you can take her out just as you can every other student, but that is unfortunately not the case at this moment. Her AI is still incomplete, and as that governs not only how she behaves but also how she interacts with the world—and more to the point, how you interact with her—you  can’t talk to her, let alone harm her, making her invulnerable to Yandere-chan’s vengeance. The only thing she’s programmed to do is confess her true feelings to Senpai on the Friday.

Yandere chan with Osana

Possible Ending 2: Happy Ending

I would like to see at least a second ending, a basic “happy ending” come into play soon, so that the recurrent play-testers can get the Yandere Simulator ending they want. I understand there are development priorities, but it would be a nice touch for the game’s fans if their actions and expert gameplay were rewarded with a different ending for Yandere-chan and her obsessive murder simulator. It doesn’t even have to be happy, it can be an even darker one to be honest, one where Yandere-chan goes on a murder spree (leaving only Osana Najimi alive because of her invulnerability) or something like that. Yandere personalities tend to be very dark in Anime and other media, so a darker ending would fit the game’s style perfectly.

yandere chan in front the toilets

Other possible endings

Personally, I think the more endings we have in the game the easier it’ll be to bring people in to test the game, as they’ll want to see just how many decision points affect the ending you get. And as a game critic, I would enjoy seeing multiple endings based on how well you performed. For example, if no one ever suspected you and the game’s atmosphere remains ‘light’ throughout, it should give you a different ending than getting Senpai when paranoia runs rampant across the school grounds.

Have you played through it? What do you think about Yandere Simulator’s ending? Tell us your ending ideas in the comments and who knows, maybe we’ll get them all to the developer so he can potentially ad them to the game.

Also, don’t forget to come back for more, right here on Rocky Bytes!


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