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How to make money from your computer

How to make money from your computer

n this guide we hope to give you some ideas as how to make money from your home computer, this isn't a guide to getting rich quick but a guide to serious ideas that could supplement your income or perhaps even one day become your main source of income.

The first thing we will look at is the ways you can make money simply by allowing the processor power and electricity of your computer to make some extra cash for you.

Make money from your computer without even staying in front of it

These programs won't bring you lots of cash fast but they are a very easy way to slowly make a little bit of extra money whilst you have your computer on. Let's get started:

My Cashware

My Cashware is a way that you can make a small amount of money from your computer for absolutely nothing except allowing the power of your processor be used for mining crypto currencies.

This may sound all like a foreign language to some people but basically what you are doing here is allowing the power and electricity from your computer to be used for another process external to what you are doing, you will still be able to use your computer exactly the same as you normally would with no noticeable difference made to the speed of your activities so you are able to use your computer as normal whilst the program runs on it.

The longer you leave My Cashware running the more you can make, it also features handy slider bars which you can adjust as to how much power you don’t mind being externally used and the more you allow to be used the more money that you can make from the program.

Do be aware that this isn’t likely to make you enough to survive on and it’s certainly not going to mean that you can quit your job but if you’d like to earn a little bit back simply for having your computer on and running then you can’t go far wrong.

You can also make a bit of extra cash by referring others to use it so if you do get anyone else to download the program make sure they list you as the one who suggested it to them.

You can download My Cashware here for free and start making money today.

Awesome Miner 

Awesome Miner is a free program for mining crypto currencies using your computers unused processor power.

Basically this means that you can go about your normal daily routines on your computer but you hand over some of your electricity and processor power to the Awesome Miner, there are some parts where you can choose for example which type of crypto currency that you would prefer to mine for but when starting out it’s probably a good idea to just start with the pre-arranged portfolios and allow the miner to do the work for you.

All you now need to do is sit back and watch as the interface starts the mining process, you’re not going to make hundreds in a day but if you’re using your computer then this is a great way to slightly top up your bank balance at any point where you would be using your computer anyway for example whilst working or watching a series online.

This is the kind of program you really need to learn about and then use to make the highest amount of profit but if you want to make just a little money the simplest thing is to let the program do the hard work for you and just make sure you run it as often as possible.

You can download Awesome Miner here for free.

Make Money By Playing Computer Games

If those aren't to your taste and you'd prefer a way to make money from gaming then you can try some of these methods where you can make some real world money by playing some of the most popular free games available, all of these games are available to download here at RockyBytes.

Second Life

First up is Second Life the all consuming game where you can have another life in a virtual world and some people have even become millionaires from this game!

How to make money in Second Life, which you can then cash out for real money!

There is a currency in the game Second Life which is called Linden Dollars after the games creator, you can earn Linden dollars for all sorts of things within the game of course as with most things, more money makes more money so we will start with some of the easier steps for those of you who are new to Second Life.

You can earn Linden dollars from your very first moment in second life however the dollars that you get for doing the tutorials are known as tutorial dollars and can only be spent in game and not cashed out.

However there are many ways to make Linden Dollars in second life which you could then turn in to real currency, probably the simplest of these is to get a job however even to have a job in Second Life you will need some kind of real world skills that can then be used within the game.

People who can write the code for it are able to design clothing, objects and more which can then be sold in the Second Life stores and can make Linden Dollars from this.

Another option is to get a job, that’s right in Second Life you can get a job, again you will need real life skills to do this, these jobs can range from club host to DJ and even stand-up comedian however you will need some experiences of these things in the real world to gain employment such as this in Second Life,  there are also unskilled jobs but these are rare and hard to come by.

Flipping real estate is one way to make some fast and good money in Second Life but you will also need the capitol to start with and buy the land you wish to then sell or rent.

Writing or proofreading manuals, providing consulting or teaching classes is another way you can also make Linden Dollars of course for these you will need a good understanding of your subject.

Finally there is one last method which is to just sit on camping chairs however this is a very slow and ineffective way to make money and with in-game purchases you may actually end up losing money.

So this concludes just some of the many ways you can make money in Second Life and then convert it to real word money, try googling Anshe Chung if you’d like to see someone who became a real world millionaire from money making activities in Second Life.

If Second Life isn't your thing how about making some Money in the popular fantasy game RuneScape.


The first thing we must open with here is a disclaimer, this is a guide that can show you some of the most profitable ways to make gold within the game and it is possible to exchange this gold for real money however it is at your own risk that you do this and be aware that accounts can be locked or banned for certain actions within the game so this guide will give you some good ideas as to how you can make money in Runescape and what you choose to do with it after is completely your choice.

There are thousands of ways to make gold in some much more profitable than others however due to member and non-member restrictions and also certain things only being available to players of a certain level we will try to focus on some of the simplest yet most profitable ways to make gold in RuneScape.

One of the main ways to make money in the game is mining for Ore or Coal and for players with a higher level (minimum of 85) mining of Runite can also prove to be very profitable especially as this is a material which is limited within the game.

Smithing is also similar to Mining but you will need a high level or a fair amount of experience however certain materials can be smithed down and then converted in to other types of items which can then be sold on at a healthy profit.

Another popular way to make gold is to go Fishing, you will need to find the best places for fishing where you can find the best and most fish in the lakes, one of the great things about fishing is that you can do something else while waiting to get a fish on the end of your hook, also if you have cooking experience you can cook your fish and sell it for an even bigger profit but if not you can still sell the fish raw.

Buying and selling of course is one of the most obvious ways to make money and depending on how shrewd an eye you have you can pick up bargains and sell them on for a nice profit but be patient with this sometimes you may not sell something on the first attempt and you may have to repeat the process, another way to use this to make you some lovely gold is to buy some items and then convert them in to a more sought after and expensive item that you can then sell on

Finally the last of the basic ways to make gold in Runescape is tree cutting, after you have cut down some trees and collected some logs these can be sold on for gold and higher level players can cut magic logs for even more gold. You can then sell these logs on to less experienced players who want some woodcutting XP.

There are many, many other ways to make gold some of them incredibly profitable although your level will restrict you from some certain actions but it’s best to explore around a bit and find which methods work for you.

World of Warcraft

And the last game that we have that it is possible to make some money from is World of Warcraft

How to make money in World of Warcraft, as with other games mentioned in this article if you choose to sell your WoW gold in exchange for real world money you do so at your own risk but hopefully this article will give you some ideas as to how to make some gold fast in World of Warcraft and what you choose to do with it afterwards is your decision.

One of the best and easiest ways to make gold is to learn how to become a good trader using the auction house, the best way to do this is to learn just a small quantity of items and what they sell for, see if you can pick them up at a discount and then sell for a profit, start with small quantities so you can become familiar with what sells for what amounts regularly and make sure to keep an eye on any reasons why the market prices could increase or fall and change your prices accordingly.

Learning the auction house can be a very viable and non-grindy way to make money in WoW and if you can become a prolific trader there is plenty of money to be made.

Taking up a profession is also another way to make money fast, Mining, Herbalism or Skinning are three professions where you can start to make money very quickly mining being the most profitable but also the most difficult, whereas skinning can make you a lot of money quickly but it is also a bit repetitive a lot like another good way to make some gold in fishing but again you may have to sit wait looking at the bobber, however if you want to go away from keyboard this is a good thing to do whilst you go wash the dishes, feed the plants etc.

You can also craft items which can be sold but don’t take crafting professions until you’re at a decent high level as you may end up using some of your gold for things that you would get for free by waiting until you’re a higher level.

In regards to crafting try to always craft items that there is a demand for otherwise you may end up using your time to build things you are not able to sell.

Learning the economy and only buying items that you need is an important part of making sure you keep a tight hold of your gold, when you are looking to upgrade your gear make sure you take in to account whether it is necessary and is there a way to get it cheaper or for free (such as through group raids etc).

Hopefully this guide has given you some ideas as to how to make gold fast in World of Warcraft and then you can choose what you wish to do with that gold afterwards.

Make money from your computer by using your knowledge and personal skills.


How about making some extra cash by selling your personal skills, you can do this simply by using a program such as Skype.

There’s a fairly easy way to make money from home if you have internet access simply by downloading Skype you can start to sell your skills.

Do you know a language, are you an expert in any special field?

People are always looking for classes to gain knowledge and if you have a skill you can share you can sell classes for it and perform them via Skype.

Simply place an advert with your services whether its language teaching, self-improvement, anything you can teach without having to be physically in the same place can be advertised and sold, try to think of a fair price, remember people will expect to pay less as you won’t be in the same room as them however it will also suit a lot of people more and you can be much more flexible with your times if you’re giving classes from home.

There are plenty of places where you can advertise your services online but try to look for something that is relevant to your ability so for languages try to make sure you advertising in the kinds of places where people who may be looking to learn another language could be.

This is a simple and modern way to make money and could be the future of learning!


And finally for the Tech Wizards why not use your computer knowledge to make a bit of extra cash by providing Tech Support from the comfort of your own home.

Make money by providing Tech Support, if you’re a computer wizard there is a great way to make some extra cash from the comfort of your home by providing technical support, do make sure you research if you want to do this as a business you will have to register and pay tax on your earnings but you can help out family and friends in exchange for a small fee.

It’s very easy to offer Tech Support from your computer to someone else’s by using a program called TeamViewer which you can download here, using this program you will simply give your partner a numerical code which they then type in and you can access and sue their computer as if you were there physically.

Do be aware there is a lot of fake tech support companies who use TeamViewer and charge exorbitant fees for not actually fixing anything so if you do allow someone to remotely access your computer make sure it’s someone that you trust.

This concludes our article on how you can make some money simply by using your computer, hopefully this has been of use and remember all the programs mentioned in this article can be downloaded from us here at RockyBytes.

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