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What's new with Yandere Simulator

What's new with Yandere Simulator

It's been a while since you've last heard about Yandere Simulator from us, right? Almost a year now. Well, we're happy to say that a whole ton has happened during the past year, and we're ready to give you a quick rundown.

1. A new Introduction Cutscene

Back in July, Yandere Dev decided to entirely rework the introduction. Now, we can see exactly why her attitude is the way it is and what got her so obsessed with senpai, as well as why she wants to murder any girl who talks with him. It comes with voice acting and, more importantly, some story.

2. Updated murder and stealth mechanics

There's been a bunch of these, but some of the biggest changes happened back in February of this year. Whereas before these mechanics only applied to Kokona, you can now do these actions on everybody. It is not possible frame everybody for murder, push anyone off the rooftop, drop a heavy object on anybody, and set anyone on fire.

This obviously gives a whole list of new options for avoiding getting caught by faculty and other students as well as providing extra options for your murder. The simple idea that you can throw all suspicion onto anybody in the school now is liberating, to say the least.

3. A new maid cafe minigame.

Yandere Dev added a new minigame in August this year - the maid cafe part time job! This minigame allows you to make a neat sum of money depending on what difficulty you picked.

You can access this minigame from Yandere Chan's room. As soon as you do, you'll be brought to a pixelated main menu related to this minigame. In this minigame, you'll have to fulfill every customer's order by informing the chef of what to cook and bring them back to the customer. At higher difficulty levels, there will be a ton of customers, all of whom you have to remember the order for. If you manage to do the higher difficulties well, however, you'll get a ton of money.

Oh, right. Money. That's also a new mechanics that came with this money. Money! You can now buy drinks and snacks from vending machines at school. However, the main meat of it comes from accessing Yandere-chan's computer and buying various items that will become core to many side quests down the line.

4. New ways to manipulate the student body

This also came with the February update and links closely to that. However, there are so many new features related to this that it deserves its own segment.

There are now many new techniques for manipulating and murdering various students. For instance, students now react to music, causing them to go investigate. You can slip something into their food while they're away, which you can do various things with. You can drop poison, sedatives, laxatives, or something to just give them one hell of a headache. Every single one of these items forces a different behavior from the student.

Giving them the poison will...well, obviously kill them. Giving them a sedative will send them off to the nurse's office to sleep it off, giving you a window in which there's one less threat to deal with. Giving them a laxative will send them off to the bathroom, where you may or may not have prepared a trap. Giving them a headache will send them to the Nurse's office, where the nurse will open a medicine cabinet to treat the student, giving you an opportunity to swipe some chemicals from said cabinet.

Those are some of the more major updates! Obviously, there are a few dozen in between with various bug fixes and whatnot, but this list should get you updated on some of the more sweeping changes.

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