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  7. The 5 Best Doom Total Conversion Mods

The 5 Best Doom Total Conversion Mods

The 5 Best Doom Total Conversion Mods

DOOM is a game that has an incredibly rich history, and its modding scene has just a rich a history. Even back in the 1990s, people were making DOOM custom maps. The maps steadily grew more and more complex over the years until it reached its latest state - full-on total conversion mods. Some of them are simply different themes, while others straight up change how the game is played entirely. Let's take a look at some of the best total conversion mods here. Do note that you will need GZDoom to play these total conversion mods.

5. Wolfenstein X: Hearts of Liberty

Doom is one of the best known FPS series of all time because it practically created the whole thing, but Wolfenstein is just barely slightly less well-known. Both are very moddable and both are So it was really only a matter of time before people decided to turn one game into the other.

Wolfenstein X: Hearts of Liberty basically turns Doom into Wolfenstein, with a bunch of its game mechanics carrying over. Just like Wolfenstein, you're killing a bunch of Nazis to the tune of some incredibly patriotic rock music, dual wielding machine guns and tossing nades the whole way through.

The big selling point of this mod, however, is the fact that there is actually co-op multiplayer, which is an incredibly rare thing for mods in general, let alone Doom mods that all run on an old engine that wasn't designed for it.

4. Blades of Agony

Good sprite work is one of the hardest things to do in Doom mods, and Blades of Agony goes a step further by making completely new weapon sprites for every single weapon. It also features some low-poly models that somehow fits in perfectly to the overall art style.

However, that's not it. This is a narrative mod inspired by Call of Duty and Wolfenstein and it even features voice acting and an orchestra-quality soundtrack. While there is an undeniably amateurish feel to it, it's still genuine effort that's worth praising for a free mod.

3. Trench Foot

Visual effects are one of the most underrated arts in creating atmosphere, and the fact that Trench Foot has such amazing visual effects really goes far in making it one of the most atsmopheric Doom mods out there.

The story is incredibly inspired by Warhammer, with you playing as a Master Templar who's stuck in a trench against rebels who threaten your holy religion. They summon demons, and the whole mod revoles around you having to pick your way through the disease-filled irradiated trenches, and execute a one man crusade against the enemies of your faith. Your enemies include corrupted militia, cultists, and aforementioned demons.

A big part of the atmosphere here is despite the fact that you're a one man army, the creators still make you feel small by having a massive amount of friendly corpses scattered around the battlefield. If you're a fan of Doom, definitely give this mod a shot.

2. Siren

It's hard to make a survival horror game for Doom due to how the gameplay is based around you being a one man army, but this mod does its absolute best. The main adversary in this game is the titular Siren, which is a  is a sentient cloud that will stalk you around. Shooting it only slows it down, and you will eventually be incredibly paranoid about it coming around the corner.


The best total conversion mod here is also the easiest to explain. DOOM SHINOBI turns Doom into a third-person action game where you have a Ninja Gaiden moveset. You can wallrun, combo people with your two unique weapons, block bullets, use Ninjutsu and Ninpo...it's truly inspiring just what the mod creators in the community can do. What are you waiting for if you play Doom?


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