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  7. 8 Garry's Mod Weapons: Manage your Favourite Fiction Guns!

8 Garry's Mod Weapons: Manage your Favourite Fiction Guns!

8 Garry's Mod Weapons: Manage your Favourite Fiction Guns!

Garry’s Mod Sandbox mode offers you the world on a silver platter. Everything you can think of can be real in the universe inside the screen. You can get a Gmod free download if you still don’t have it!

Gmod is such an immerse game that you can create mods for the mod. It sounds confusing, but it’s easy to understand with the article we wrote about the best and Most popular Gmod addons!

You can interact with the surroundings or with other players with all kinds of scripted weapons (sweps).

If you like Gmod Weapons you will enjoy this Garrys Mod addons pack that you can download from Rocky Bytes! We also made a list of those Garry’s Mod weapons that might be especially attractive to gamers and cinema fans!

Garry’s Mod Weapons addons:

1) Harry Potter's Wand

Can you imagine shouting Reducto! not at Snape but…at a teletubbie? Crazy right? Well, that’s the kind of thing that happens in Garry’s Modwhen you choose a Harry Potter wand as a swep. Spells have the same effect that they would have in Hogwarts, Alohomora will make objects levitate!

Harry potter wind - Garry's mod weapons

Avada Kedavra is now lethal in GMod as well! Source: Steam Community

2) Star Wars Lightsaber

A lightsaber is an entity as much as it is a Garry’s Mod weapon. Both the colors and the sounds were taken from the Stars Wars Saga to make whatever fights you might get into (you never know what can happen in Gmod) even more realistic. It can be customized to adjust to the taste of the Jedi inside you. Use it with responsibility …

Star Wars lightsaber - Gmod Weapons

May the force be with me! Source: Steam Community

3) Devil's Claws (Wolverine)

I definitely wouldn’t like to be the enemy of a player using the devil’s claws swep, because he/she is definitely going to get scratched to death! Feel the claws as a lethal extension to your body, just like Hugh Jackman!

 Devils Claws Wolverine - Garry's mod weapons

These claws look great for scratching your back… Source: Steam Community

4) Five Nights at Freddy's Mask

Yes, you read it right. The Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 Head Mask can now be used in Garry’s Mod! It works on non-player characters (NPC), and it feels so realistic: it reduces the field of view, disables running… it even has breathing sounds! But most importantly… it scares the sh-- out of the other players!

Five nights at freddy's mask - Gmod weapons

A Teddy Bear never looked so scary... Source: Steam Community

5)  Frying Pan  

This scripted weapon of our Gmod Weapons list doesn’t belong to any movie or game, but for some reason I found it very curious and interesting. The feeling of hitting other players with a pan cannot really compare to any of the other guns. It may look harmless, but it has always been a very effective (hopefully only for threatening purposes) arm for extremely angry grandmas!

 Frying pan: Garry's mod weapons / guns

Traditional but still very useful. Source: Steam Community

6)  Mega Buster

This one is the ultimate Garry's mod weapons for the vintage Japanese videogames. The mega buster is the most powerful robotic arm of the gaming history, and it belonged to… Mega Man! You can choose to play as Mega Man or as any other player. It fires something way more powerful than bullets… compressed solar energy!

 Mega Buster: Garry's Mod Guns

What’s a retro gun without its retro pixilation? Source: Steam Community


7) Spider-Mod 

The Spider-mod swep allows you to swing around like the most arachnid superhero ever! This swep comes with start-up music (bring the motivation on!), but it stops after five seconds (maybe it’s for the best).

Spider mod: Gmod Weapons

Who’d think something so cool would come from a spider bite…Source: Stream Community

8) Cinematic Camera 

This one might as well be one of the most original addons in Gmod. To enjoy every feature of it, be sure to pay attention to the options menu. It is realistic to the point that the player can decide the amount of shakiness! It really feels like being the cameraman in the shooting of the horror movie REC!

Cinematic camera: Garry's mod weapons

SILENCE, WE’RE SHOOTING! (Literally). Source: Stream Community

Which sweps would you include in this article? What’s your favorite Garry’s Mod weapon? And which is the most original one according to you?


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