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Return Of The Obra Dinn


"An intriguing game with a different yet beautiful art style."

Return Of The Obra Dinn Specifications

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Return Of The Obra Dinn Review

Return Of The Obra Dinn demo is a game from Lucas Pope who developed the fantastic and different game Papers Please, and he sticks with a similar art style here, playing this for those of you that are old enough will bring back memories of early Mac graphics however the 3d rendering is incredibly good and look carefully at just how much detail has been put in to this game.

You play as what I believe is some sort of insurance loss adjuster for the East India Company and must board a big old pirate ship and solve the mystery of what actually happened to cause the deaths aboard this vessel and determine the fate of all the crew and passengers who were aboard the doomed Obra Dinn.

At the beginning of the game you take your special pocket watch which will allow you to revisit certain points in the ships near history and see the scenes that played out before the demise of all these people in freeze frame, as you do so some rather brilliant music plays along with it and you hear snippets of conversation from moments before some of the ship’s crew died all of this gives you clues as to how each person died which when you discover you must then note down in the ship’s muster book however identifying who is who is very difficult especially as you only have a name and place of birth to go on for each person on the ship and each one must be accounted for.

It took a little while to adjust to the art style in the game but when you do it is fantastic, how something can be so detailed yet look so retro at the same time is incredible and the story and gameplay is so intriguing it seems Lucas Pope is on to another winner with this game and I even found myself taking notes with a pen and paper as to who I suspected which people were in certain scenes and then writing out the causes of deaths with question marks next to them if not completely convinced I had the right information and then just as the game seemed to be getting going the demo came to an end and left me wanting so much more, the faster this game comes out the better whether its free or paid we need this!

Download Return Of The Obra Dinn demo here for free.


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