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SPV3 Guide

SPV3 added a lot of weapons - learn the strength and weaknesses of each right here! Part 1 - UNSC weapons.

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In order to follow this guide you will need to download SPV3. Please click the green button below.

SPV3 is one of the most ambitious fan content for Halo: CE ever created, adding a ton of different weapons to the mix. Here's a brief overview of each one.


Compared to the base game, this pistol has a smaller mag size, higher fire rate, and keeps its precision trait. Its main downside is reticle bloom and relatively low damage on shields, making it a weapon where you need to economize your shots if you want to use it for a while.

Assault Rifle:

This weapon starts with a slow rate of fire before ramping up quickly. Its main weakness is that it's near useless at long range and the faster it shoots, the less accurate it gets.


This weapon has the highest rate of fire, fastest melee attack, and the fastest reload time in the game. Its main weakness is its incredibly poor accuracy, low damage, and its recoil. This weapon should exclusively be used indoors.

Machine Gun:

This weapon is the most powerful automatic weapon in the game as well as the one with the highest mag, letting it completely rip unshielded enemies to shreds with little effort. Its main weakness is that it does low damage vs shields, has low accuracy, an incredibly long reload time, and the slowest melee animation in the game.

Battle Rifle:

The Battle Rifle has a large magazine, high accuracy, precision trait, and can toggle between single and burst fire mode when zoomes, which lets you save ammo. The downside is that it does next to nothing against shields and does very little damage when you body shot, making it so you must go for headshots if you want to kill with this thing.


The DMR is good at long range and does a solid amount of damage to shields. However, it's less effective at close range and firing it at max fire rate can lead to many missed shots. It competes with the battle rifle as a long range weapon, but this weapon has a slight advantage in that it can knock off a Brute's helmet much quicker than the Battle Rifle can. That, coupled with its shield damage, means that it can function on its own without a shield stripping weapon unlike the Battle Rifle.

Sniper Rifle:

The accuracy in the game and one of the highest damage. The main downside is that it doesn't do much to vehicles and is hard to track moving targets with, along with its low clip size.

Rocket Launcher:

One of the strongest weapons in the game, only limited by its low availability, long reload time, low clip size, and slow melee.


This weapon is one of the strongest in the UNSC arsenal for wiping out shields, does some of the most damage at close range, and can be reloaded any time. The downside is its lengthy reload animation - one of the longest in the game if you completely empty it - and its range being absolutely pathetic makes it ineffective against anything beyond close range.


This is the ultimate anti-infantry weapon, capable of killing all enemies, shields or no. It can also stick to surfaces for a short time and detonate grenades. The downside is how lethal it can be to you at close range because of how it sticks to any surface it hits, it being absolutely useless against vehicles, as well as its short range and overheating tendencies. It is also the rarest weapon in the game, meaning that you should definitely save this weapon for crucial encounters.

That's it for the UNSC weapons! Check out part 2 for the new Covenant weapons.

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