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SPV3 Tutorial

Every Weapon in SPV3 - Part 2, Covenant Weapons

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In order to follow this guide you will need to download SPV3. Please click the green button below.

SPV3 has so many weapons that it was incredibly difficult to cover them all in one guide. Here's the second part of the weapons overview.

Plasma Rifle:

This weapon is incredibly effective against shielded units, with only its range being its downside. There's also a Brute variant with a lower firing rate, higher damage per shot, and faster battery drain. Unfortunately, its shield stripping speed is largely outscaled by the Plasma Pistol.

Plasma Pistol:

This weapon's overcharge shot can disable vehicles and wipe out any shields that is caught in its range. Its main downside is its low damage outside of that usage and the fact that its battery will drain as you hold an overcharge shot. There's also a Brute variant that does more damage at the expense of battery life.


This weapon is original to SPV3, firing needles much like the Needler, only it shreds through the target instead of exploding. This weapon homes in on a target's center mass unlike the Needler, making it more effective against the Flood as their weak point is in their chest, and it also has the fastest melee speed in the game while also dealing double damage with them. The main weakness is that it's incredibly weak against shields, much like most ballistic weapons.


This weapon has been tweaked for SPV3. It now homes in on enemies much more effectively, has an incredibly powerful melee attack, and when seven needles embed themselves, they will explode in a supercombine that will kill any infantry in the game, Hunters included. Weaknesses include the fact that if it can't embed in the target, it won't explode and deal damage, making it near worthless against Hunters and vehicles. Moreover, if a target ducks behind cover, the needles won't track them behind it.


Another original weapon, it looks like the Needler with a different color. This weapon doesn't home in on the enemy, but instead travel much faster and do much more immediate damage. It also stuns enemies when it hits them, letting a player stunlock an enemy to death. However, it shares most of the Needler's weaknesses as well, being useless against vehicles, though its projectile speed lets a player with good aim take on Hunters with this weapon.

Brute Shot:

This weapon is much the same as it is in the main series, being able to very quickly kill unshielded targets in an AOE while also having an incredibly powerful melee attack thanks to its attached blade. Its main weakness is availability, slow projectile speed, and relatively ineffectiveness against shields.

Particle Carbine:

This weapon resembles the Carbien from Halo 2, only using energy instead of ammo. It has incredibly high accuracy and fires as fast as the player pulls the trigger, while also having increased effectiveness against shields. This makes it the only precision weapon to be good at killing shields while also instakilling with a headshot. However, if you shoot too fast, it will overheat, and this weapon does next to no damage if you don't land headshots.

Focus Rifle:

This weapon is the Covenant's long precision weapon, able to drain shields in a second and killing through health damage just as fast. Its main weakness is that it takes a while to focus into the middle of the screen, and it's the most unpleasant sounding weapon in any Halo.

Hunter Cannon:

There are three variants, but each of them share the same weakness - lack of availability, low ammo, and slow melee, while all of them are incredibly lethal.

Energy Sword:

This is changed a lot from the main series. This weapon can be used infinitely, and will oneshot any enemy it comes into contact with. However, it is a melee weapon and there is no lunge in this game, and it needs to recharge if you use it too much in a short period.

Jackal Shields:

Not a weapon, persay, but it takes up a weapon slot. This weapon is impervious to anything short of the EMP effects from a grenade or plasma pistol overcharge. However, you can't fire a weapon while holding this, leaving melee and grenades as your only offensive tools, and it can only block damage from one direction

And that's it! That's all the weapons in SPV3. We hope this helped give you a peek into the extensive sandbox of the game.

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