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"A fantastic looking space exploration game."

Stardrop Specifications

DOWNLOADFree (1.19 GB)
Safe Download for PC - Virus & Malware Free
Free Demo
1.19 GB
Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Rocky Bytes Score
Stardrop is Good!
Software Ranking
582nd out of 786

Stardrop Review

Stardrop is a fantastic looking space adventure game where you take control of the female lead character Aryn who is sent with her colleague John to recover a spaceship that you have no information about and is rather mysterious.

This is just a demo and although it looks great you do seem to spend a lot of time wandering around and not really doing much it’s kind of like viscera cleanup detail but rather than mopping up blood you are given maintenance tasks to do.

Whilst in awe of how fantastic it looks even being able to look out of the window and see the stars in deep space, it also got kind of boring quickly as you seem to spend a lot of time at least at the start of the game just mostly walking up and down corridors and opening pressure locked doors, at least John provides the occasional bit of comic relief and actually the relationship between the two characters is very heart felt and warm, the voice acting is also very polished and nicely done.

The game itself is about exploration and puzzle solving so do not expect action or stand offs with alien life forms, this game is about salvaging lost spaceships and recovering them which is the business that Aryn and John are in, they are like futuristic salvage collectors.

The game left me longing for more action however had there been more action it would not be possible to soak up the splendid amount of detail that has gone in to the graphics and art work in this game, if you are looking for something fast paced and exciting Stardrop is probably not for you, if you appreciate beautiful graphics and incredible detail then you should definitely download this right now!

You can download the Stardrop demo here for free.


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