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How to Install TeamSpeak

Learn to install TeamSpeak, VoIP communication client

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In order to follow this guide you will need to download TeamSpeak. Please click the green button below.

Like in the most of modern programs, the installation process of TeamSpeak is carried out through a wizard that will guide us though.

First we need to accept the terms and conditions of use, and then choose the accounts we want to install it in, which can either be for one user account only, of for all the users of our computer.

Then we need to choose the location for installing if we don’t want to use the location set by default. We also have to choose where we want to save all the configuration data, which can be done right in the user folder or in the installation location. We recommend to use the first option as this way we can use TeamSpeak from different users but with their own settings.

Now we can install Overwolf, in-game TeamSpeak overlay. By clicking Next we start the process of file copying for installation.

Apart from the installation assistant, when starting TeamSpeak for the first time Setup Wizard starts as well. This makes everything much easier when using the program for the first time as here we can do all the adjustments right away.

The first thing we need to do is choose our nickname or name for our identification in chatrooms.

Now we are passing to a very important part which will define how we are going to use TeamSpeak most of the times. There are two modes available. The first one is Push-to-Talk, which starts when we press a specific button on the keyboard or mouse or any other peripheral device, and then we can start to talk. The microphone will stop receiving our voice as soon as we stop pushing the button.

The other option is Voice Activation Detection, a system that checks the microphone and activated automatically when we talk. This way we don’t need to push any button for talking. The sensitivity levels may be adjusted for choosing at which exact level the system will start working.

We can also silence speakers and the microphone by pressing assigned buttons in case we want silence and don’t want to talk.

We can also choose sound and voice packs for program notifications like entering and leaving chatrooms and so on.

After completing this last step we will have TeamSpeak installed and configured. As you could see, the whole process is very easy and intuitive.

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