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TeamSpeak Tutorial

Learn how to use TeamSpeak, famous VoiP communication system

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In order to follow this guide you will need to download TeamSpeak. Please click the green button below.

Once we have the program installed, TeamSpeak will let us open a list of public servers and rent our own server if we like. Let's learn how to use it with this tutorial

From the list of servers we can choose public servers and those that are not protected by password (the ones we know of). Generally there are public servers for the majority of games or topics, but usually people of some group or community have their own server with restricted access which can only be used by its members.

If we don’t choose of any server from the list, we can manually connect to a certain server by entering its address and access data.

When we have connected to a channel, we will have different channels or chatrooms on the left part of the screen, while on the right side of the screen we will see our user information. Depending on configuration, we can talk by pressing a specific button or automatically connecting by recognizing our voice.

The access to chat rooms may be restricted inside of the same server, for example, there may be rooms for some specific users, or moderators who organize the community and that even may banish problematic users that don’t comply with community norms.

It is very easy to use TeamSpeak. Once we are connected to the server we want, we can talk with our friends freely. The quality is really good and the connection doesn’t take too much of Internet bandwidth.

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