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The Happyhills Homicide Guide

The solution to every level in this short game.

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In order to follow this guide you will need to download The Happyhills Homicide. Please click the green button below.

The Happyhills Homicide is one of the more interesting games to be in development as of right now - its combination of puzzle solving, role swap to you playing as the serial killer, and the creepy music that changes dynamically with your current game state makes it an incredibly memorable experience, if a bit short. If you're having trouble finishing the game, though, here's a quick guide on how to complete each of your murders quickly and efficiently.

Level One:

This is probably the easiest one of the bunch as it's the first level. First, you need to enter the house that your victim's in. Move one screen to the left and grab the ladder, then go back and put it under the open window. Once you're in, you're going to want to move one screen left and grab a kitchen knife from the counter. Then, move two screens over and stab the poor man in the back.

Level Two:

This is another simple one, but it does teach you that the game will have more creative murders than simply stabbing your victim each time. To enter this victim's home, simply climb up the side. Once you're in, just move two screens to the right and grab the radio from next to the bed. After that, move three screens to the left and toss the radio into the bathtub to fry your victim.

Level Three:

This is the first true multi-step process. Move to the right, and you'll see your victim, but you can't just come out and attack him because he's armed this time. To kill him, you're going to want to move left until you reach a shed. Grab a bear trap from within, then move back to where the victim is. While his back is turned, move out from the shadows, drop the bear trap on the ground, and wait. Once he's caught in the bear trap, walk up to him and grab his keys. Then, move one screen to the left and interact with the lawnmower. You can guess what happens next.

Level Four:

This level introduces some timing based mechanics. There will be a thunderclap every few seconds. If you do certain actions without it, then you'll be caught by the guard dog. To start off, break the window when a thunderclap sounds out, then climb in. Move one screen to the left and wait for another thunuderclap before you start moving so the dog doesn't wake up. Head on upstairs, move one screen to the right, and you'll find your victim. Grab the keys from the desk, then move two screens to the left and grab the matches on the left side of the room. Go back downstairs and wait for the thunderclap again before you move one screen to the left. Grab the gasoline from this room, then head back upstairs while once again waiting for the thunder. You will now want to fill the boiler with gasoline, then move two screens to the right and toss the matches in to kill your victim.

Level Five:

This is the hardest one, with a lot of fail states. Your victim is armed and looking out for you. To begin, move two screens to the left and grab the paint bucket. Then, move four screens to the right and cover the window with paint. If you don't do this, he will kill you as you pass the window. Grab the chainsaw, then move three screens to the left and break a bottle. Once you do that, hide in the bushes and wait for him to pass you, then pop out and kill him.

And that's it! That's how you can complete the Happyhills Homicide.