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Antivirus Software

Antivirus software will help you protect your home or work computers from malicious virus attacks by analyzing, detecting, and removing them. Rocky Bytes brings you the best in free antivirus with programs like AVG, Avast and Avira to maintain your computer security.

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Staying safe online, get wise to the tricks!

Staying safe online, get wise to the tricks!

Keeping your computer safe from harmful viruses is very important and you should never run your computer without having a good antivirus protector and firewall, we have reviewed many of these recently and if you are looking for security without having to spend a cent on it then our highest recommendations ...

Security Essentials guide: Protect your Internet privacy and discover other tools to keep yourself safe

Security Essentials guide: Protect your Internet privacy and discover other tools to keep yourself safe

If you’ve read Rocky Bytes in the past, you know we take internet privacy and security very seriously. We’ve discussed the topics of anti-censorship and tracking tools at length and have taken great strides into having the best software available for you to keep yourself safe from the dangers ...

Best antivirus 2014: Avast, Panda, Norton, Avira, AVG, NOD32, Kaspersky or Malwarebytes?

Best antivirus 2014: Avast, Panda, Norton, Avira, AVG, NOD32, Kaspersky or Malwarebytes?

Every year, more viruses and new security risks show up on the internet, making Anti-Virus/Malware/Spyware software that more important. For full protection, there are always paid versions, but these can get quite expensive, so we all end up resorting to the free versions of all these products. But which ...

An Introduction to computer virus

A computer virus is malware that, when executed, inserts copies in computer software and infects particular areas of your computer: data files, hard drive, programs…

An introduction to Antivirus

An antivirus is a program that helps to protect your computer from most viruses, worms, trojans and other unwanted invaders. It’s recommended that you update your antivirus software regularly to have the latest in virus protection.  Antivirus software enables you to analyze your PC identifying all potentially damaging threats and later conduct a virus removal.

Types of Virus

There are many types of PC viruses that can be removed by free antivirus software such as Bitdefender or Microsoft Security Essentials. Here are some common types of viruses:


- Boot: They are very atypical. They are programs that are loaded in the master boot record of your computer.

- Adware: Is a kind of malware that is created to pop up and download advertisements with an online user.

- Time bomb: A time bomb is a software that stays dormant for a later date or upon a specific action. 

- Worms: Worms are typically passed through attachments from emails. Worms are viruses that replicate and to spread quickly and widely from one computer to another without damaging the system.

- Trojan: Is a destructive software that is masqueraded as a useful and good program. Trojan Horse brings with it a separate code that allows a person to access to the infected computer or collect data and send it to an unknown Internet user without the user’s knowledge. It can be easily detected with a simple virus scan.

- Hijackers: Hijacking is when the browser’s settings have been modified without user’s permission and redirects to another website.

- Keylogger: Keyloggers are hidden in the operating system, so that the victim does not have the knowledge that he/she is being monitored. Keyloggers currently are developed to illicit means such as stealing bank passwords. They are also used by users with a little more knowledge to obtain personal passwords, and email accounts,..

- Zombie: The zombie state occurs when a computer is infected and is being controlled by others. They can use it to spread viruses, keyloggers, and invasive procedures in general. Usually this situation occurs because the computer has a firewall and / or operating system not updated.

- Macro Virus: Macro viruses link their actions to model documents and other files so that when loading the file executes the instructions contained in the application file, the first instructions executed are those of the virus.