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How to Play Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim

Some builds to whet your appetite with in Apocalypse: Magic of Skyrim.

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In order to follow this guide you will need to download Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim. Please click the green button below.

If you want to start flinging nature bending spells like mad in Apocalypse, then you can pick it up right here. I highly recommend you go and install the Ordinator mod as well, which you can find here. You'll need to also install the Ordinator Compatibility patch to play the mod properly. The reason I'm recommending it is because these two mods work together extremely well and are built to go together. All of these builds will go assuming that you have both mods.

1. Destruction Frost Mage

Frost magic is the best destruction spell late game in this mod. However, early game, you'll struggle immensely, as a ton of monsters in Skyrim have a natural resistance to ice. However, once you get Shatter and Winter's Majesty, the game is pretty much over. The reason for this is because Shatter makes it so when you hit a frost resistant target, it will make them explode in a radius and reduce frost resistance by 25%. This effect can stack, meaning you can very quickly bring their resistance into the negatives. On top of that, Winter's Majesty also stacks an extra 50% on top of that by you simply being near the enemy.

2. Conjuration Summon Build

This is the perfect build if you want to carry a pocket army around with you. With around 300 magicka, you can have up to 5 skeletons, 3 summoned Hernes (which each summon three wolves), six rats from rat king, and 2 Oathbound Guardians. With so many allies on your side, you can simply sit back, keep them healed, and watch them tear every enemy apart, even dragons.

On top of getting all the correct skills to raise your army, you should also go down the Summon Resist line so you can keep them alive passively as well. You can also learn some healing spells and also grab the perk that lets you heal your undead and spiritual allies as well.

3. Stormcaller

You'll want to focus hard on summoning Storm Atronachs so they can support you as you fling lightning at everybody. The reason you want to investing in Storm Atronarchs is because there are skills that let you increase your destruction damage by 10% for each conjured Atronarch, and the lightning Atronarchs have some CC built in. You can summon up to 5 of them at max level. You can also add some survivability by going into Alteration and Restoration as well.

As you can see, there are a ton of different ways you can play with this mod.

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