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Psiphon 3

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Changes on Psiphon 3

This is the latest Psiphon version!

Included in this new version of Psiphon, Psiphon 3 has a lot of changes relating to overall connection stability, simplicity of the user interface, and a lot more. Given that you are now able to select from multiple different types of connections, including SSH and SSH+, makes this version of Psiphon, and this Psiphon 3 download, one of the most complete versions of of the software to date. In version 3, you can expect the same security you have grown to enjoy in the previous versions with a much easier to navigate user interface and easier to use program overall.

Psiphon is a very competent free VPN that is incredibly easy to install. All you need to do is click on the setup file and follow a few prompts. After you run it for the first time, you won't need to actually do anything else - the program will just work. This program uses a ton of different encryption methods, with a mix of VPN, SSH, and HTTP proxy are used in order to secure your communications with other people as well as bypassing typical internet censorship methods that governments typically use. You can always count on this site for a Psiphon 3 download unblocked.

Government censorship is definitely one of the most problematic things in our world today. With how tightly governments are holding on to what people see, people are generally left uninformed and controlled nowadays. On top of that, the internet constantly using your data to show people exactly what they want to see just adds to the trouble of people living in a bubble. However, VPNs will make sure that you get a completely unbiased and open internet. You can use our Psiphon 3 download unblocked for just that.

There are a few things that this update didn't improve on, however. This program still isn't supposed to be used as a privacy tool, simply a security bypass tool. As such, it will not hide your connection and what you're browsing, meaning that people can still know exactly what you're doing if they care to look. While there are a ton of servers, you can't choose exactly which server you connect to, and the program is somewhat problematic in which server it chooses for you. The download and upload speed are also incredibly slow, making it nearly impossible for you to stream shows on Netflix or any other streaming site. And you can just forget about torrenting with this program on. 

However, it is truly powerful and can make sure that you can browse without restriction. If you are interested in using this Psiphon 3 download, please click on the download link at the top of the page!

Release Date: 2014-07-09

Psiphon Tutorials and Guides

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How to Install Psiphon

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How to Use Psiphon

How to Use Psiphon

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