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How to Install Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin installation guide

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In order to follow this guide you will need to download Hitman 2: Silent Assassin. Please click the green button below.

The installation of Hitman 2 won’t take you more than a couple of minutes. When we have the game file downloaded we simply need to open it. In the first window we will need to press “Next” and the next one will give us an option to choose where to install the game. If we want to change the game directory, this can be done very easily.

Once we have chosen the folder where we want to have Hitman 2 Silent Assassin installed, we will keep on by choosing an option of creating desktop shortcut. Of course, if we don’t need it, we simply need to unmark this option.

When the installation is complete, we can go to the game straight away by clicking the “Finish” button.

Before actually entering the game we can adjust some basic settings of the game. In case there is some software compatibility problem, it can be solved by trying different settings.

In the beginning there is a series of advice given in an introduction, but it can be easily skipped for getting to the main menu faster.

There are not too many options really, but they are quite enough for setting up the game.

“Options” menu gives us options for changing graphics details, rendering distance, objects, shadows, blood mode and so on.

There are even some other hidden options that can be seen by choosing “More Options”, where we can configure other filters like details, texture resolution and so on.

Sound options of the game are quite basic but not least important. We can get to this menu from the main menu of the game, then options and then sound options, where we can adjust sound effects, background music and even 3D sound effects.

We can also change mouse speed settings and change game control keys in the way that’s most comfortable for us.

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