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Dwarf Fortress Cheat Codes

How to cheat in Dwarf Fortress.

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In order to follow this guide you will need to download Dwarf Fortress. Please click the green button below.

Dwarf Fortress is one of the best sandbox games in existence, but actually getting your feet on the ground and getting to those storytelling moments is difficult. Some people may think it's too difficult, and may want to get through all the tough bits to get to the good parts.

Do note that Dwarf Fortress is meant to be played as is. Cheating may actually change your enjoyment of the story you've crafted.

1. How to begin cheating

There are two ways to cheat - editing the game's source files and directly altering the game's memories. Out of these two options, editing the game's source files is much simpler. Directly altering the game's memories is not only harder but also needs special tools.

Go to your game's folder and find a text file called "creature_standard.txt". This is where a ton of modifications will be made. I recommend you install Notepad++ for this, as that text editor has a ton of features that makes editing raw files easier. Once you've opened the file, navigate to the creature you want to modify. The following cheats will tell you what to do.

Fast Dwarves: Look for APPLY_CREATURE_VARIATION:STANDARD_BIPED_GAITS and change the six numbers after it. 0 is the fastest speed. However, this can impact framerates, and you may want to set them to 3 instead.

If you want, you can also change climbing, swimming, and crawling speed by modifying their respective GAIT values.

No needs Dwarves: If you want to make it so they don't need to sleep, eat, or drink, then all you need to do is simply add [NO_EAT] [NO_SLEEP] and [NO_DRINK] to your dwarves' raw values. Simply put it under the dwarf's section. If you want, you can also add [NOFEAR] [NOBREATHE] [NOSTUN] [NONAUSEA] [NOPAIN] [NO_DIZZINESS] [NO_FEVERS] and [NOEXERT] as well.

There are some problems that arise from this, such as alcohol-dependent dwarves not drinking booze. Simply remove the [ALCOHOL_DEPENDENT] tag and you're good to go.

Non-threatening webs: Enemies that shoot webs are some of the most powerful in the game, able to tear about your entire militia. If you think that isn't fair, just put the [WEBIMMUNE] tag to the dwarf's raws.

No more skill loss: If you want every one of your dwarves to eventually become geniuses, then you should definitely turn off skill loss. Add this modification to your dwarf section:





















This will make it so your characters will infinitely grow.

All skills legendary: If you don't even want to bother with training, you can simply just make it so every one of your dwarves are geniuses in every single skill. Put this under Creature: Dwarf.





















































































































It's long, but doing this will make it so every dwarf comes out of the gate a genius.

These aren't all the codes, but these are some of the most useful ones. If you want to cheat even more, then it's your own prerogative. Otherwise, enjoy!

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