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Game Tools

You can find a wide variety of utilities in our Game Tools section: emulators, game downloading platforms, videogame recorders, programs to reveal tricks, etc. Take a look through this category because there are sure to be some very interesting game utilities you haven’t heard of yet!

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Game Utilities and Tools

There are a wide variety of programs in the game utilities category. These programs have very different features and the field is so broad that this category needs to be further broken down by type.

Distribution Platforms

One of the highlights in this category are the game distribution platforms such as Steam, where you can gain access to a huge variety of games, and from there you can purchase or download games directly from their extensive catalog. It also incorporates the multi-player system, which makes this game downloading platform, along with others such as Origin, a really useful tool.

Programs to reveal tricks for games

There are also programs that help you discover hidden tricks for games, including utilities such as Cheat Engine that allow you to extract the tricks that videogame creators often insert into their games. This can be really useful for fully revealing all of a game’s features and for modifying a game to your tastes.

Videogames recorders

This category also includes programs that allow you to capture and record video of the games you play on your PC, such as the very interesting and useful Overwolf, which is excellent for use with YouTube, or other programs for gamers who like to record their best performances on their favorite videogames.

Tools to optimize games

Many gamers also want to optimize their computers for maximum videogame performance. For this purpose there are programs for optimizing PCs for games in general, or else for a specific game. This is the case with Final Fantasy XIV Benchmark, while allows you to check whether your computer has enough power to run Final Fantasy XIV.

Specific materials for games: Manuals, maps...

This gaming tools category also features other types of materials for specific games, including those we have created ourselves, like a compilation of the best Minecraft maps called Minecraft Maps Pack, or the Official Manual for GTA V, created by Rockstar.

This gaming tools section is really comprehensive, and you should take a good look inside because there are some very new game utilities that you probably haven’t heard of yet. Now we can truly say, "Happy playing"!