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Minecraft Cheat Codes

A list of cheat codes in Minecraft single player.

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In order to follow this guide you will need to download Minecraft. Please click the green button below.

Minecraft has a giant bevy of cheat codes, and many of them will cut out the grind and tedium of the game. With them, you can play in survival mode yet still build like you're in creative mode and never have to worry about hunger, either. But what are these codes and how do you use them? Read on.

1. Enable cheat mode for your LAN game.

This is the simplest step. When you're generating a world, make sure you mark the checkbox named "Allow Cheats". If you don't have this setting toggled on, then all the cheat codes in this guide won't do anything.

2. Some special information about cheat codes.

An important thing to note before we get started are the cheat codes that target players. When you see this, you might be tempted to type your full name in to set yourself as the target. However, there is a much easier shortcut. Instead of typing your player name, simply enter @s as a substitute and it will automatically target you. As this guide is aimed for single player worlds, this is the only one you will be using.

For coordinates, these are expressed as x, y, and z. X is the distance east or west of the origin point, z is the distance south and north of the origin point, and y is the height from 0 to 255, where 0 is bed rock and 255 is the build limit.

You can also use the ~ or ^ notations to express coordinates relative to your current location. For example, ~5 ~  ~-5 will be 5 blocks east on the x axis, 0 blocks on the y axis, and 5 blocks north on the z axis relative to your position. The ^ notation is based on which direction you're looking, so ^5 ^ ^-5 will be 5 blocks too your left, 0 blocks upwards, and 5 blocks behind you.

However, the easiest way to find your current set of coordinates is to simply hit the F3 button to open the debug menu.

3. The Cheat Codes

In single-player, entering cheat codes is easy. Simply open the chat window and type them in. Here is a list of the cheat codes.

/kill [player]
Kill yourself (or specified player)

/tp [player] 
Teleport yourself (or specified player) to the coordinates entered

/effect <player|entity> [duration]
Applies the effect to the specified player or entity, for an option duration in seconds. A list of effect codes is here

/effect clear <player|entity> [effect]
Clear all effects, or optionally just the specified effect, from the player or entity

/enchant [level]
Apply the enchantment to the specified player's selected item, at an optional level. A list of enchantment code is here

/experience add 
Adds the stated amount of experience points to the specified player. Put the word levels on the end to add experience levels instead

Produces a seed code so you can recreate your world later

/setworldspawn [x y z]
Set the world spawn location to the player's current position, or optional specified coordinates if entered

/gamemode [player]
Sets the game mode type (use survivalcreativeadventure, or spectator) for yourself or an optional player

/gamerule [value]
Queries the value of a game rule, or amends it if an optional value is entered. A list of rule codes is here

Sets the difficulty level (use peacefuleasynormal, or hard)

/time set 
Sets the world game time, use 0 (Dawn), 1000 (Morning), 6000 (Midday), 12000 (Dusk), or 18000 (Night) as the value

/gamerule doDaylightCycle false
Turn off the day/night cycle, replace false with true to reactivate

/weather [duration]
Sets the weather type (use clearrain, or thunder) for an optional duration in seconds

/gamerule doWeatherCycle false
Turn off weather changes, replace false with true to reactivate

Clones the blocks in the region between coordinates  and , then places them with coordinates  in the lower northwest corner

/give [quantity]
Adds item to player's inventory, in specified quantity if item is stackable. A list of item codes is here

/gamerule keepInventory true
Keep your inventory items after you die, replace true with false to reverse

/summon [x y z]
Spawns the entity at the player's location, or optional specified coordinates if entered. A list of entity codes is here

And that's it! That's all the cheat codes Minecraft has.

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