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Simulation Games

Be anything you want to be with the simulation games. Since this is a very extensive category, here you can find everything from life simulation games to flight simulation games. What kind of life do you want to live today? Find all of the best and most entertaining simulator games here!

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Simulator Games Guide

Simulator games are the clearest example of one of the main videogames roles: to be substitutes for reality.  Not in a negative way, it is a very positive aspect. Those activities that we cannot perform in real life because something is preventing us from doing them (money, time, life in general…) can be a part of our life from the screen. Sometimes this logic works differently, there are certain things that we would never do in real life (because they put others in danger, for example) but that we are kind of curious to try in our computers because they are harmless from there and we need to blow off some steam after stressful days, and why not?

Since there is so many different things that we want to do, want to try or want be, the simulation games for PC category is quite a diverse one. From driving simulation games to be a kamikaze on the road to real life simulation games where you have a family you need to take care of, everything is possible with simulation games. Rocky Bytes offers a free download for most of its simulation games!


Driving simulation games

Driving simulation games are probably the most famous simulation games for PC. Let’s be honest, the chances that we will get to have luxury cars and drive in private circuits are low, at least in the near future. But wouldn’t it be nice?

There is also the matter of the traffic regulations. Stopping when the traffic lights are red, move around the city as slow as molasses in January…uff! Thank God that these kind of laws don’t (necessarily) apply on driving simulator games!

European Bus Simulator will definitely test your abilities to drive in urban environments! It is extremely realistic, and you will finally get to drive a vehicle pf massive proportions! Are you capable of following your route and picking up all your passengers without damaging the bus?

In the John Deere Simulator you will experience how it feels to drive the best tractors in the market! You are a farmer just starting out, and as you complete jobs and build your own property you will be able to purchase more and better John Deere machines.


Flight simulation games

Flying is one of the most common dreams among humans. Being a passenger in a plane is nowhere near the excitement of driving/controlling it. It is a shame that only a few of us get to do it (it is also a matter of public safety so it is actually fine), but that’s why flight simulation games are for! Being a pilot is such an amazing job, and even those who are trying to become one use flight simulators!

FlightGear Flight Simulator is a free, open-sourced, multi-platform flight simulator. Its amazing 3D graphics will definitely make you feel like a real pilot! Get it from Rocky Bytes and you know…the sky is the limit!


Fashion simulation games

Fashion is another recurrent topic in simulation games. Since only a few of us (almost none of us, to be realistic) will ever have an unlimited range of clothes and make up, it always nice to imagine how you would use them if that was  the case. That is the main goal of fashion simulation games.

Jojo’s Fashion Show is one of those games that will entertain you for hours and you won’t even know what happened. The player is the assistant of Jojo Cruz, an ex-hot name in the fashion industry that is now trying to get back to the top. This game is especially interesting and fun because of its storyline and how the player’s sense of fashion and style is involved. Travel around the world to the major fashion shows on the globe!

Fashion Fits is somewhere between a fashion simulator game and a business simulator game. You are the only employee in a fashion store and you need to be aware of everything if you want the business to work. Clean the fitting rooms, help all the customers…train your trading skills!


Special simulation games

There are certain simulator games for PC that don’t meet any special criteria, they are based on jokes or in very specific areas and are usually extremely funny and entertaining. Here are some of the special simulation games you can download from Rocky Bytes:

Yandere Simulator is a very successful stealth simulator game. Yandere-Chan is a girl who is in love with an older boy at her high school, his Senpai, but he doesn’t even know she exists. In order to get his love, Yandere-Chan comes up with a strategy: she’s going to murder every other girl in her school so that Senpai has no choice. The player needs to make sure that no one knows what Yandere-Chan is up to: clean the evidence, attend lessons and act like everything was normal. Rocky Bytes offers a free download for this game!

Kerbal Space Programsimulates a spacebase in an earth-looking planet called Kerbin. Its inhabitants are the Kerbals, cute little green humanoids that want to explore other the universe. In order to do so, the player will need to build spaceships to take the pilots as far as space simulator!

Toilet Simulator: You can tell by its name that this is a serious game. It is meant to jokingly simulate the experience of sitting on a toilet. It’s the perfect game to play if you are having a bad day, it even has realistic sound effects! As a funny fact, this game has recently been developed for Oculus Rift (a virtual reality device), to recreate the experience to its full potential! Rocky Bytes offers a free download for this game!

Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis allows you to become the owner of the most famous dinosaur park ever. You are given a budget and, considering it, you need to design the park. This management simulation game is perfect for the Jurassic Park movies fans!

Surgeon Simulatoris also quite a particular game. It’s not difficult to guess that you are a surgeon on it. Your initial goal is to perform heart surgery on a patient and, ideally, he should get out alive. But things go wrong, and you can do whatever you want, after all you went to medical school and you know what you are doing, right?


Top simulation games

According to the experts from Rocky Bytes the top three simulation games would be formed by Yandere Simulator, the extremely fun and creepy stealth simulator, Kerbal Space Program and European Bus Simulator.

The website users also agree that Yandere Simulator is the best simulator by far, followed by Surgeon Simulator and Jojo’s Fashion Show.


Download free simulation games

Rocky Bytes offers a great range of free simulation games for PC ready to be downloaded­: Yandere Simulator, Toilet Simulator, FlightGear Flight Simulator, Farm UP, John Deere: Drive Green…