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Windows 10

Logo Software UI


The start Window is now easier to use and more intuitive than ever, you can also add universal apps to your Windows 10 home screen and the process is very simple.

The color scheme looks great and it is definitely the best looking version of Windows we have seen so far. You can arrange the tiles leading to things such as your mail, music, internet and many more to exactly the positions that you would like them in.

Windows 10

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About Windows 10

Windows 10


Windows is a brand that needs no introduction and has divided opinion across the years, however with Windows 10 it looks like Microsoft have really pulled out all the stops and have started to perfect the most famous user interface the world has seen.

You can pin your most used applications right there to the Windows 10 home screen and it makes life that much more convenient, you can even pin a certain email thread if you wish to access your favorite conversations is incredibly easy.

The most used bar to the left is also a great addition as you can easily go straight to the pages and programs which you use on a daily basis.

The critics say this is the best Windows yet.