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PC Games

If there is something we have learned from recent gaming history is that consoles come and go, but PCs stay. In a world of endless possibilities, PC games still find their way to engage gamers from all over the globe with a mix of addictive gameplay, storytelling, and incredibly realistic graphics.

Our nominees for the 2015 PC Games Awards category cover a great range of gaming variety. From the fast paced on the court action of NBA 2K15 to the gigantic sandbox city of crime in Grand Theft Auto V, they can satisfy every gamer’s taste. For the speed lovers, Project Cars is the one. Do you feel like releasing some adrenaline? Battlefield can sure help you with that, How about teleporting over to a fantasy world and immersing yourself in Dragonage? Or to feel your heart pump with fear as you make your way through Dying Light?

Because that’s where the magic of PC games can be found: in your room, in a park, in the office... wherever your PC screen is. Little do they know how far from reality gamers are when enjoying their element. Maybe you work in an office, or you go to school but by night you are a professional sportsman, a world class football manager, a warrior, a renegade cop or a master criminal thanks to games we can live the lives we would only otherwise be able to dream of and we hope it stays that way for many years to come.