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Independent Mods for games

Have you ever played a game you have totally loved but there were some areas you just wish you could improve? Have you ever thought this game is near perfect except for this one tiny flaw? Or perhaps that you love the idea of the game but wanted to overhaul it and make it better or simply add a new mode that you think would be cool?

We guess we all have but not many of us actually have the skills, time or knowledge to make these changes ourselves however a few people out there do and what is great is they make changes to games and make them better and then they make these modifications available to us the general public free of charge, simply so that we can enjoy their improvements to our favorite games. We call these people Modders some use their skills for not noble causes, but many of them do, improving our game experience for not even a thank you. We have chosen some of the best mods released in 2015 for our shortlist, so go ahead and vote for your favorite now and make sure it gets the recognition it deserves in our best mods awards category!