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AVG Antivirus

Logo Protection Software


It’s fast and very efficient at what it does, the scan times are very impressive specifically.

It scores very highly in the virus detection tests and comes loaded with some great features such as the Tuneup Undelete which scans your system for deleted files that still remain on the disk and in sime cases may even be able to recover the files for you.

With lots of features and very strong scores for virus and malware protection with an easy to use, helpful and well designed interface it is no wonder AVG remains one of the worlds most popular Antivirus programs and fully deserves its place in our list.

AVG Antivirus

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About AVG Antivirus

AVG Antivirus


AVG Antivirus is a name that keeps growing and with good reason, AVG seems to only get better, now with an intelligent user interface which uses a color scheme to let you know how well protected your computer is making it very easy to tell which actions you need to take to give your machine maximum security.