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Adobe Fireworks

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Adobe Fireworks is a program that is very user friendly even for the most inexperienced web designers and is a lot easier to master than many of the other Adobe tools available but still incorporates the abilities of those other programs. Fireworks bitmap editing tools make it very easy to correct any mistakes quickly and easily without having to move to another application to do so.

Fireworks saves to an editable PNG. Format keeping your file sizes minimal, but still meaning you are able to make changes to them, it is an essential tool for web designers.

Adobe Fireworks

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About Adobe Fireworks

Adobe Fireworks


Adobe Fireworks is a bitmap and vector graphics editor it makes it a quick and easy process for web designers to create website prototypes using the interface which is pre-loaded with features to make creating website prototypes simple and easy.

As it is from Adobe it’s also very ease to integrate it with Photoshop and Illustrator which is very useful for the budding website designers out there, you can even apply some of the features used in Photoshop directly in to Fireworks.

Fireworks provides support for multipage documents also, you can create links among multiple pages and vary pixel dimensions to name just a couple of the features available.
The critics say Adobe continue to impress with this useful and impressive tool.