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VideoGame blogs

We love playing games, we love discovering new games and we love to be informed about games but how often do we think about the people who give us the information, who inform us whether it’s worth buying the latest racing game or first person shooter?
The people who we can relate to, who provide us with fun and interesting stories about their gaming experiences, who spend their time writing stories about games that we can relate to or writing reviews and previews so we are kept up to date with the latest and best releases.
Well now it’s time to recognize the best game bloggers who give us so much information and ask for nothing in return except for a few minutes of our time to read their latest article.

We have carefully selected 12 of the most interesting, most amusing and most informative game blogs written by individual and independent bloggers from all over the internet and now you can recognize them also by voting for your favorite entrant in our list. That is our gaming blog awards category.