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Critical Gamer

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It’s nice to have a review site that provides detailed analysis and useful reviews yet does not take itself too seriously.

The layout of the site is great also meaning you can jump straight to the kinds of features you would like to read about or look for articles written about your specific console, also good is that they have not suddenly forgot about the last gen of consoles as many bloggers have since the next gen became available there are still new articles being written about content for the PS3 and Xbox 360, which is nice because there is still a lot of people who for one reason or another have not yet been able to upgrade.

They also cover the handheld systems and even iphone game releases, there is a huge amount of content and plenty to keep you interested.

Critical Gamer

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About Critical Gamer

Critical Gamer


Critical Gamer is a really nicely written blog and one of its strongest points is the humor slipped in to nearly every review sometimes written so well you may not even notice the gag they have placed there and with some reviews a lot more obvious such as the photo of the 90’s pop duo Bros placed in along with the review of “Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons”.