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Software UI

User interface is a funny combination of words, it’s the place where man meets machine, where you and your computer for a few moments work together in harmony, you give the instructions and your computer helps you make the correct decisions.
Every time we type something in to Google we are using the user interface, when you hit play on a song on your media player ditto.
We tend to take these areas of our computers for granted and not give much thought to them, yet without them we would not be able to do our jobs, our personal lives would be much harder as there would be no link between us and the content we want out computers to give to us.
User interfaces make our lives infinitely easier, without them we’d have a lot more problems obtaining the information and knowledge that we can do so by just the tapping of a few keys.

Well now it is time to recognize just how much the User Interfaces do for us and which Software UI are the best!
We have whittled it down to our 12 favorites and now it’s your turn to vote on which deserves to receive the coveted Bytes that Rock Best User Interface awards!